Bootcamp 2017 - who's coming to Tresaith in April (one space re-available)?

Don’t worry, Francis - you can take as much time as you like to speak, and you’ll get used to the no English… :slight_smile:

How far have you got with the lessons?

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Hi Aran, I’ve got to the end of Level 1 but the last few modules have been difficult so I’ll need to revisit some before moving on to level 2.

I’m interested in a June or July bootcamp. How far in advance do you think you’d be opening reservations for those? I’ll need to book a flight from Boston to Cardiff.

I’d recommend that you just revisit 24 and 25 of Level 1 once every couple of weeks, but in the meantime press on with Level 2, and trust in the spaced repetition to help it all settle down… :slight_smile:

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Tagging @Iestyn :slight_smile:

Unfortunately can’t make it, family commitments will need to take precedent. hope you have a great time.


Any idea when the September boot camp dates will be released please? It’s the only one I’ll be able to do this year so I’m keen to secure a place :slight_smile:

Tagging @Iestyn - but as far as I know, Iestyn will be floating possible dates for May in the near future, and will probably be working through from then on - so by the time it gets to September, you should be a few months ahead of schedule…

As always, the best way to be absolutely certain is to make sure you’re getting the weekly email… :slight_smile:

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Hi all!

I’ll be opening a page for the June bootcamp later this weekm but first - we’ve had a cancellation for April, so there is one place still available. If anyone wants to bag that place, get over to the booking page now.

I’m going to close bookings for April when I announce June.

I won’t keep June open for long, because the June bootcamp is the bootcamp least likely to fill - I don;t know why, but i presume that end of June is a busy time for people, and Bootcamp just doesn;t fit into their schedule then!

But I’m not going to sit around waiting for June to fill - if there’s not enough interest pretty much straight away, then I’ll knock it on the head and move straight on to the July camp. That will cut the number of places available this year to 30, but it will open later bootcamps up for people who need to make longer term plans.

So - 1 more place in April, closes before the end of this week. Here’s the booking reference: @Deborah-SSi


Any chance of a “luxury” southern boot camp at some point in the future? I’d like to attend a Bootcamp at some point and the southern content is what I hear people speak here, but I have to admit being attracted to the “luxury” aspect of the northern Bootcamp.


Just to let you know: Bootcamp is now fully booked, so booking has closed unless you want to add yourself to the waiting list (I’ll keep the waiting list open for a while yet)

@PeterFrancis I don’t know about a luxury bootcamp, Peter - the Tresaith bootcamps take up a lot of my time already, so finding additional slots at a time when things are open and happening around the area is a bit of a challenge.

Don’t worry at all about the language, mind - southern learners go to the northern bootcamp, and vice versa, and have plenty of fun and get the full benefit - being able to understand northerners would make the challenge of understanding Carmarthenshire folk seem like a walk in the park!

But on the subject of a luxury southern bootcamp, if there is interest, then it is something we could look into next year. I’ll put on my thinking cap…



Hi Iestyn and everyone in the forum!

This is my first post in the forum although I’ve been using SSiW for a year now.

I just watched the video introduction to the bootcamp that you made Iestyn, da iawn!! Very helpful I think. I have no trouble understanding why Welsh only for the week. I remember how it was for me learning swedish years ago. Because I could speak English at work I didn’t learn much. But after a week of babysitting 3 young kids with no English I learned a lot!

I’m super grateful to everyone who has made the bootcamp a possibility… Jas…


Welcome to the forum, Jas… :slight_smile:

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Hi Carys, I haven’t checked here for a while hence the late reply. Yes, that would be nice. Let me know when you arrive and would like to meet.

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Hi Lynne
What is the best way of contacting you? I don’t have an email address for you, and you don’t seem to look at Facebook very often (perhaps wisely!)

Hi again Cary, my email address is I’m not great with checking it but I will look out for your message. I’ll also check my fb messages as I know you are going to contact me.

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We have an additional space available on April bootcamp (due to cancelation), so if you fancy the most rewarding Easter week holiday ever, and a massive early -year Welsh boost, make yourself known now!

The booking link is


Could you remind me where this is taking place? Can’t see the location on the booking page. Thanks

Certainly Chris

Bootcamps are in Tresaith, just north of Cardigan / Aberporth on the West Wales coast (I’ve just edited the thread title to make that clearer!).

There’s more details in the first post of this thread.



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