Boot camp 2016

Hello, iestyn. I am in Australia and would like attend a boot camp next year. This will require some planning, so I am wondering how much notice will be given for boot camps in 2016. Thank you for your excellent language approach. It suits me very well. I love the vocabulary lessons for boot camp. They opened a new door for me to speak welsh. I’m now getting my Aussie born family on board and the new Babi will be a welsh speaker. Lots of fun. Regards to you and Cat. Lynne


One for you @Iestyn - do we have tentative dates yet?

There’s the Northern thread too (Southerners going on the Northern bootcamps get on ok) - CLOSING TODAY: Luxury northern Bootcamp - April 15th, 2016

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Thank you wonder sheep. I did consider it but I’ll only have one shot and I’d prefer to consolidate my south walian. Maybe another time it would be good to do the northern version for practise.

Lynne, I want a residential bootcamp too. I live in the Czech Republic but am prepared to organise one in Wales and go there after recruiting a crowd. Don’t know if you wrote your message a few years ago or yesterday, but it’s November 2015 now. First half of 2016? You up for it? Alan

Tro nesaf, bydd well i fi ddarllen y thred cyn i fi anfon neges. Dwi’n gallu gweld nawr, bydd bwtcamp ebrill y blwyddyn nesaf. Ond siwr fod, sa i’n mynd y dyddiadau fan hyn achos bydd arddangosfa yn yr Eidal (gwaith). Felly mae dal eisiau trefnydd bwtcamp ychwanegol. Cytuno? Alan

it was October 25th/26th this year …

One more thing I have to cover in “Really useful stuff” I see.

Well, but one tip to this: If there’s a year after month stated then it was in that year (like Oct '14) but if it writes month and day without a year (like Oct 25) then it was posted in current year. If you put a cursor on the date it will show you exact date of the curent post. More about this soon in proper topic.


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Hi Alan, I wrote the message a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t heard anything yet about one that is organised by Iestyn and I do need significant notice as a lot f things have to be in place before I can start organising. The short answer is, yes, I would be interested. I will be combining it with a visit to my brother who lives in Neath. Let me know how you go with it. Thanks, Lynne.

Hi Dee, I am still wondering about Bootcamo for 2016. Have you heard anything yet. Alan from the Czech Republic would like one too. Thanks very much. Lynne

OK, sorry for not posting earlier, but here are the dates: (I will start a separate thread for them as well)

April 23-30
June 25 - 2 July
July 23-30
September 24 - 1 October

I hope that’s useful.

I’ll open bookings for April soon, and keep on opening progressively through the end of the year, but, for people travelling from afar and needing to make definite arrangements with flights etc, I’m willing to take “advance” bookings by PM. Please remember thought that southern bootcamps are more plentiful than the northern variety, so they don;t fill up at quite the same pace!


Thank you Iestyn. I would like to book in for the April Bootcamp so could you pencil me in until you get official bookings going. I’m in Australia and I’ll combine the trip with visiting relatives in Neath.

Hi Alan, did you see Iestyn’s post about boot camps next year. I’ll be going in April. Maybe I’ll see you there.
Regards, Lynne

You are pencilled in, Lynne! I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Iestyn, hi. I’m the Alan which Lynne mentioned. Can I get on the April course too please? I have a UK bank account to pay from even though I live in the Czech Republic. Ive done the Cymraeg i Oedolion Canolradd Dwys and have just started the Uwch course at Swansea University evening class. But I’m the only on-line student, which is a big disadvantage.

Rhaid i fi siarad i ddysgu. Ydy’r safon y bwtcamp yn bwysig, neu bydd bob math/ lefel siaradwyr yn ymuno, Sdim ots i fi, ond i chi?


Yep, I’ve just asked him to include me. So hello, see you there. I wrote a long message offering to organise one, but I included my contact details and the server barred the message. Doesn’t matter now, because this course looks fine. Do you speak any Welsh at the moment Lynne? A

Dooley yn fawr, iestyn.

Oops , I didn’t check before I sent. It should have said diolch yn fawr!

Hello again Alan, I have finished level 1 and course 1 as well as vocabulary. So far I just talk to myself and my slightly amused family. I have started teaching the grandchildren some words and the new baby will be welsh speaking. I’m originally from Wales but have been in Australia fit 45 years. Married an Aussie. I knew a little welsh as my dad was welsh speaking but it all went while here. I’ve just retired from teaching and decided to learn cymraeg. I’m loving it. It has started quite a discussion in my church group as most of them thought that welsh was an accent and are surprised to know that it is a distinct language. I even have them saying noswaith dda and hwyl. Australians know about England, Scotland and Ireland but haven’t a clue about Wales. I’m so looking forward to being able to use my new language, although I have a feeling that when I open my mouth nothing will come out. Hope I’m wrong. By Bootcamp I will have finished everything so should do ok. See you there. Lynne

Sadly that is true of some English people as well.

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When I started teaching I noticed that the children were playing a skipping game called England, Scotland, Ireland, France. I was horrified and set out to explain the geography of the UK. As I taught in the same school until I retired the majority of students were well informed about all things welsh, with even a smattering of language. Being welsh was a novelty so I played up to it and even though my welsh family would say I sound more Australian, to the Aussies my accent was still very clear. My welsh accent has come back very strongly since I started learning cymraeg and my family teases me about it. I like it.