Boot camp 2016

Shwmae Iestyn,
I have been working hard and thoroughly enjoying the course since the summer this year and am currently on lesson 18 and going strong. I’d love to attend the boot camp this summer. How do you go around booking on? I’d like to attend the June 25th - 2nd July ideally. Diolch am y cwrs!! Pat yng Nghaerfilli

Iestyn’s off in Istanbul at the moment, but I’m sure he’ll catch up with this when he’s back - in general, he releases a booking link two or three months before the actual bootcamp, at which point you can process everything online… :sunny:

Hiya Aran,
Diolch yn fawr.
Good to hear from you and I’ll get in touch with Iestyn or await his reply when he’s back.

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I’m definitely interested, but I’m deciding between July 25-30 and the Sept session. Is there a ‘better’ time to attend? Is the location same as last year?

I’ll (hopefully) be travelling overseas if that helps.

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Hello Aran, Iestyn, Lynne, everybody,

Can I pre-pay and book 2 people in? There is myself, and my friend Judith who is probably a bit better than I am. She is taking two Uwch courses at the same time, and passed Canolradd with me earlier this year. Is it too early to phone and book it say, 1st Dec? Dymuniadau gorau, Alan

Hi Alan, sorry I don’t know. I’m waiting for more info too.

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Hello, everyone, especially @Alan and @lynne_freudigmann.

There is now a Bootcamps 2016 thread here: Bootcamps 2016, and booking is open for the April bootcamp.

For booking more than one space, book one, then there should be a link in the message you receive for you to book another under the same email address.

If you have any problems, let me know!

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@PatThomas - just adding you hee as well, although June booking isn;t open yet. I’ll do that later in the month. There should be plenty of spaces - we don;t sell out like the northern bootcamp because there are more places.

Hi cyd - July is a popular bootcamp with overseas visitors, because it buts up to the Eisteddfod Genedlaethol, so it’s possible to have a week of Welsh-only, followed by a few days (or another week) of full on Welsh at the Eisteddfod. Weatherwise, I can;t guarantee anything, but Spetmeber has been better than July most years, I think (maybe not 2015).

September tends to be let touristy in the area, meaning that the chances of meeting people who understand no Welsh get slimmer, though not by much.

Other than that, bootcamps vary according to the people on them rather than the date, so if you are with an exceptional crowd, you’ll have an exceptional time. If you are with a normal group, you’ll just have an excellent time. The main decider about how much you get out of bootcamp, though, is (cliche’d but true) how much you throw yourself into it.


Diolch yn fawr Iestyn!

Thanks @Iestyn! I’ll bookmark that thread and keep my eyes open for the July bookings. I’d like to attend Eisteddfod as well, but last time I checked the Bootcamp wasn’t nearby.