Berkhamsted area anyone? Or Watford?

Anyone in the area or within busable distance who’d like to meet up for a Welsh chat? I’m a beginner.


I’ll pop a note in next Tuesday’s newsletter and let’s see if we can find anyone :slight_smile:

Thanks, Dee

Is this any use to you Jackie? Herts/Beds/Bucks Conversation Group

My English geography is rather lacking, but I gather you’re both talking about the same Berkhamsted?

My wife is the manager of Cassiobury Park in Watford and I am probably over there 3-4 Sundays in the summer when she works weekends due to events (mainly music events at the bandstand). Maybe a Cassiobury Park meetup could be on the cards one day? Not sure when the next one will be, as we’re kind of at the tail end of the summer now. Wish I’d seen your post a few months earlier. My bad!

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Where are you based @david-44? We’ve had a few meetups now in Berkhamsted and Chesham

I’m based in Bromley, Kent. Nowhere near Watford! My wife has a long commute into London and back out again to get to work! So I’m only in Cassiobury Park myself on rare occasions.

Ah, shame!

Long time since we spoke. Is anyone meeting up currently?

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Dw i’n byw yn Harrow. Weithie, dw i’n mynd i Gylch Siarad yn y Ganolfan Cymru Llundain ger Kings Cross
I live in Harrow. Sometimes I go to Speaking Circle in the London Welsh Centre near Kings Cross

Hi Jackie,
I’m in St Albans- would love to meet up and siared efo ch’di

Sorry for the late reply. I would love to chat Cymraeg.
I can do Zoom calls at the moment but face to face are off the menu as I’m caring for my dad.

Hi Simon
I can now go out for a couple of hours and would love to meet up to siarad Cymraeg although, as you’ve seen this morning, I don’t always ask the right question :rofl::rofl:.
Let me know if you’d like to meet up and, if so, suitable times. It’s exciting that Im not the only Welsh learner in the town of Harrow :+1:

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Hi Amanda
Is Harrow too far for you to travel?

Sorry, I did not understand where your earlier message was coming from. I don’t use the Forum much other than to see when events are on. Yes, it would be great to meet up.
I am generally free Monday afternoons, Tuesday mornings, Wednesday afternoons and Friday mornings. If they don’t work, then other than Monday morning and Tuesday afternoon classes, I am sure we can tee something up. Perhaps we can meet up in a cafe for a cuppa and chat?
There’s not much here in North Harrow but Hatch End shops have rather more to offer, of of course we could both get to Harrow town centre easily enough. I am sure we can work something out and I look forward to catching up with you, Jackie.
Hwyl, Simon

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I couldn’t work out how to get back to your email as I haven’t used the forum for years. There’s a good coffee shop in Hatch End called Pascucci. I should be able to do next Tuesday morning around 1030hrs. Would you be ok if we swapped mobile numbers (via private message) in case I need to cancel at short notice (my dad)? If not, we’d need to monitor emails.

Great, see you there, Jackie. I haven’t been before, so it will be nice to check out somewhere new.

Yes, I think it’s easier to contact each other directly rather than via the forum. My mobile is ******** and my email address is ********

EDIT: personal details deleted for security - it looks like Jackie has them now, @simon-gregory-1
It is better not to post contact details openly here as we do get spammers trying to access the forum from time to time.

I’ve sent my details to your email address as I read on the Forum that we’re advised to use private messaging for exchanging personal details. Hope that’s ok.

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Hi Jackie,
Are you in Harrow?
I’m in St Albans but happy to meet halfway- Bushey or Watford perhaps. Amanda

I’m currently in Hatch End. I would be happy to meet you in Watford once I can leave my dad for the time needed for us to meet up + travel.