Berkhamsted area anyone? Or Watford?

Hi Amanda, sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you. Are you on Zoom? If so, would you like to try a Zoom chat?

Hi Amanda, Are you still looking for people to talk to in St Albans? I live in Hatfield.

Would be lovely to meet and have a sgwrs.
Let me know your availability.

Hello Amanda,
My availability is uncertain as I am often away during the summer. However, would you be able to meet this Saturday or Sunday just to get to know each other a little and exchange contact details? I shall be available from 10.15 either day. If so, where do you suggest we meet? I would also be available tomorrow evening, 16th, 7.30 onwards if evenings are better for you.
Best wishes,

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Hi Elizabeth,
I can meet Saturday at 11am, if you are still available.
Do you know Notcutts or Smallford Farm shop?

Great! 11am at the entrance to Smallford Farm Shop. I’ll be holding a doll in Welsh costume so you’ll know it’s me!

See you there!

Could I join you for a sgwrs? I’ve just started L2, and am in Wheathampstead…

Sorry Patrick, just seen your message.
Happy to meet for a sgwrs. I’ll let you know when we are meeting next time.

Looking forward to meeting you, Patrick. I won’t be available for a couple of weeks but will let you know when we’re planning a date so you can be part of the process. Saturday mornings are the preferred time at the moment. Would that suit you?

Mae fe’n gwych! Dw i’n gallu cwrdd bore ddydd Sadwrn. Dw i’n mynd i ymddeol yn dwy wythnos, felly dw i’n brysus ar hyn o bryd hefyd, ond bydd amser moy gyda fi yn y dyfodol.

That’s great! I can meet on Saturday mornings. I am going to retire in two weeks, so I am busy at the moment too, but will have more time in the future.

Helo Patrick
Gobeithio bod popeth yn iawn gyda ti. Gwnaethon ni daith cwch yn dda iawn i Lincoln ac yn ôl i Nottingham ac nawr dw i wedi dal i fyny gyda pethau yn y tŷ a’r ardd.

Hoffet ti gwrdd i sgwrsio yn Smallford fore Sadwrn y 30ain o Orffennaf neu’r 6ed o Awst tua 10:30 yb?

Anfonaf yr un neges i Amanda.

Hwyl am y tro,

Annwyl Patrick,
Dyn ni wedi penderfynu cwrdd fore Sadwrn nesaf (y 30ain o Orffennaf) am 10:30yb yng nghaffi Siop Fferm Smallford.

We have decided to meet next Saturday morning (30th July) at 10:30 in the Smallford Farm Shop cafe.

Hwyl am y tro,

Mae honno’n dda -dw i’n gallu cwrdd gyda chi ac Amanda bore dydd Sadwrn nesa. Bydda i gwisgo fy fathydyn* i ‘dysgwr’.
Dw i’n edrych ymlaen i hi yn barod!

That’s good - I can meet you and Amanda next Saturday morning. I will wear my ‘learner’ badge.
I’m already looking forward to it!

*Oedd rhaid i fi edrych mewn geiriadur am y gair hyn…
I had to look in a dictionary for this word…

Gwych, Patrick! Dyn ni’n edrych ymlaen at dy weld di. Bydd baner Gymreig ar y bwrdd.

Great, Patrick! We’re looking forward to seeing you. There’ll be a Welsh flag on the table.

Hwyl am y tro, Elizabeth