Arholiad Canolradd

Well I have done the Canolradd exam today! The examiner for the Prawf lafar said after we finished, that I spoke very well and fluently and the conversation was interesting. He also said I should get a good mark! ( all in Welsh)
I think the written and listening work went ok too. Saying that, a few weeks ago I was saying that I should drop out of the exam as I felt that I had not done enough and didn’t feel confident at all as I had missed a few lessons when I was ill a few months ago. Seeing that I had already out in a conversation recording back in April I went ahead.
Well I am feeling a lot better now
So here is hoping for a pass! And here’s to riding on the seat if your pants!

Da iawn i ti Tricia! Dw i ddim isio gwneud yr arholiadau (mae gen i lefel Mynediad yn barod), ond dw i’n hapus bo’ chdi wedi llwyddo mor da yn yr arholiad Canolradd.



Da iawn Tricia! Sounds like you did great! When will you know the result? Gobeithio dy fod di’n llwyddianus. :slight_smile:

Diolch Stu a Jon, Gobeithio Bydda i’n llwyddianus. Bydda i’n gwybod y canlyniad arholiad ym mis Awst

Gwych - llongyfarchiadau mawrion mawr!..:seren:

Me too. Lots of people at the Prifysgol Bangor centre. Fingers crossed on the reading and writing part - but the oral part was really enjoyable. The examiner also said she really enjoyed the conversation. Proof yet again that SSiW’ers speak easily and naturally. Thank goodness for all those hours of talking about purple dogs and hand biting :slight_smile:

Ysbrydoledig iawn. Yn ddi-os y byddi di’n llwyddo!

Well just to let you know I managed to pass the Canolradd exam! Not quite a distinction-5% away from that but a result that I am happy with.
My strongest area is in speaking- 80% for the oral interview and 83% on the conversation task ( hmmm I wonder why? Thanks SSiW!)
My weakest areas are in listening ( to News reports) and writing. 50% for listening, 60% for writing. Surprised by the reading comprehension -91.7%!
So what’s next? Well it will have to be cwrs Uwch Dwys and work at those weaknesses!
Hwyl am tro!

:ardderchog: da iawn i ti! :smile:

Llongyfarchiadau Tricia.

Stwff gwych, da iawn i ti!


My strongest area is in speaking- 80% for the oral interview and 83% on the conversation task ( hmmm I wonder why? Thanks SSiW!)

Gwych - llongyfarchiadau mawr!

Are you giving Level 1 a shot? The new listening material might be useful for you…:smile:

Diolch yn fawr pawb!
Aran- thanks for that! I will give it a go. I was wondering how to tackle the listening problem as I have had Radio Cymru in my car since 2010. Though I think I should give up on subtitles for Pobol y cwm and listen to Neweddion without subtitles too! It is my greatest weakness and needs attention. I tend to avoid writing too. So I must get out of my comfort zone and tackle these issues!

Da iawn ti Tricia! :smiley:

Though I think I should give up on subtitles

Yes, yes, and thrice more yes! :slight_smile:

Da iawn - llongyfarchiadau, Tricia!

One thing, though - I am shocked! Are you honestly only doing canolradd? Just, whenever I’ve spoken to you, I’ve never thought of you as anything but a Welsh speaker!

Then again, I suspect that 80% of the first language Welsh speakers I know would struggle with the written element of the canolradd exam, so, yes, maybe you are a totally normal Welsh speaker, who’s working on being above normal.

That’s definitely worth celebrating!


Well done! I’d thought about not taking the exam as well as I also felt that I hadn’t prepared enough.

I was happy to see that my Oral Interview was better than the conversation task (by about 5%). I’d waited till the last minute with the task as I was thinking I wasn’t going to do the exam, so hadn’t really prepared at all. So, my revision did pay off in the end.

I only managed a 50% on the listening as well and thought I’d done much better than that. And amazingly got a 95% on the reading comprehension; it must have been fairly straightforward.

I would have liked to have done better. But, I also knew that I hadn’t put in the time or effort necessary for a distinction.

Da iawn Tricia ac Annie! Gwaith gwych! Llongyfarchiadau! :slight_smile:

@Tricia: Yes, definitely get rid of the subtitles on PyC! I did it a few months ago and, although you might miss a few plot points, it really does help focus your listening. If you are worried about missing the plot, Joanie recently posted a link to the Cwmderi Diary 2014 blog in another thread, which details all of the goings on in each episode. Could be used in a similar way to the SSi lesson guides, ie. after listening.

Diolch Gavin!
Iestyn - high praise indeed! Especially considering that I couldn’t string a sentence together in Welsh 4 years ago! It was also my aim all my life, to be a Welsh speaker and sound like a Welsh speaker! So thanks very much!
I also know what you mean about the writing. Though my father spoke Welsh to all and sundry, when he got a letter from Radio Cymru to do an interview, he got very worked up and stressed out about writing back in Welsh. I think he had some help as I have a copy of that letter which seems to be written correctly!
And maybe I should listen to that Radio Cymru interview again as most of it went over my head last time!

Jon- I watched PyC last night without the safety net of subtitles, I certainly got the gist of what was going on but missed details, like why Gaynor got the sack, why didn’t Ffion go to the appointment etc. so work in progress! Thanks for the link!

What kind of material is the listening exam? Is it like a typical Radio Cymru news broadcast?