Arholiad Canolradd

Yes in a way. There are a number if news items spoken in formal passive form of the verb as on Radio Cymru and Neweddion on S4C. I think they speak a little slower than normal but none the less it something I have been struggling with since it was introduced in the Canolradd class last September.
It is the use of the formal passive verb that I Struggle hearing, no problems reading it as I can see the stem word and whether it is future or past. I Found it to be a big jump from the the Sylfaen listening test because of this formal way of speaking!

Gosh - that’s a bit tough, if it’s not the way most people speak most of the time.
Hadn’t even realised they were using formal passive, but admittedly, I haven’t listened-to / watched much news, although I do try to listen to other speech-oriented RC programmes (via iPlayer).

Down below is an example of the formal/impersonal form and yes I used Quizlet during my revision which probably helped in the reading test but not the listening!