2018 Tresaith Bwtcamp September 22-29 - <<Fully booked>>

Fully booked

I have set up booking for the September Bwtcamp. Booking will open at 9pm on Friday the 3rd August at https://bookwhen.com/ssiw .

I have a date for the last potential Bwtcamp of the year, in Tresaith, running from Saturday 22nd - Saturday 29th of September. Who’s interested?

As usual, once we have enough interest expressed here (14 or so people), I will give you a week or two’s notice of opening booking, and then it will be a free for all, first come first serve to book places.

Let me know below!

For more information about Bwtcamp, take a look at the 2018 page here


I’m a definite! Annual leave sorted, see you there if I manage to get a place!!!


I’m interested!

I’m interested!

Interested, but if you get a full contingent of people who have never been before, I’ll happily give way to them to make room, since I’ve been twice before (well, sort of one and a half times, since the second time was as a “neighbour” in the B & B next door. :slight_smile: ). Been a bit lazy with Cymraeg lately, so a refresher would not come amiss! And then of course, there is always the hiraeth (for the Brains…oh, and for Cymru, of course! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: ).

Definite interest !!

Yes please, booked time off work already :grin:

Hello, I’m a newbie on the forum. Could you tell me who the bootcamp is for? What level of proficiency should you have? I’m considering it for the future! I’m also mind blowlingly nervous about it! Thanks Rhian

Hi Rhiannon, I attended my first bwtcamp back in April. There is a link somewhere explaining what goes on, I will try and find it and tag you on it.
If I remember correctly minimum requirement is to have finished the first 25 lessons of level one.
You should of course be nervous as I and everyone who has been to bwtcamp felt exactly the same.
My advice would be to go for it sooner rather than later as it is almost impossible to get that sort of experience anywhere else.
Go to bwtcamp and go with the flow and trust the system. The people running these courses are experts and without you realising it will bring you on leaps and bounds.


He’s the link (I hope), that will tell you everything you need to know about Bwtcamp :grin:


Dwi’n dod :blush::blush::blush::blush:


Interested :slight_smile:

Definetly interested,edrych ymlaen

I’m interested. Really need to get into using my Welsh more.

Couldn’t make April so yes please to September!

Hi Iestyn,
I’m keen to join boot camp this September.

Yes I really want to do this

I’m interested!


If you need numbers, you can call on me.

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