You know you're a Welsh learner when

Just thought I’d resurrect this thread from the old site, as this made me giggle.

I can’t help but interpret this as a “bottle of revenge”:

(Geiriadur link)

Which aisle in the supermarket did you find that one? ?

Digressing slightly, it would be nice if products which usually carried multi-lingual labelling, and that was marketed in Wales, could also include Welsh language labels (or does this already happen?).

The only example I can quickly bring to mind is some brands of catfood, which have so many versions of the name in different languages that I often have difficulty finding the English name (i.e. chicken, turkey, etc). Anyway, it would be nice if Welsh was one of those languages, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it.

BT have a service for construction companies called “Dial before you dig”, an d I always had the same problem with that, Ifan.

By the way, lookig at that bottle, it seems to be the besty you can get. After all, dial is always best cold…