Yn y bore

I tend to search further so don’t give up hope. :slight_smile:

So the book I mentioned above arrived this morning from ylolfa.com. It is called “Caneuon Ryan” and contains the lyrics and music score for ten of his most popular songs including “Bore” which is the song we have been searching for :smiley: Here are the lyrics according to this book.

Codwch a gwenwch pan welwch yr haul yn y bore,
a diolchwch am glywed yr adar yn canu uwch ben.
Gwenwch , diolchwch pan welwch y byd ar ei ore,
a diolchwch o glywed a gweled rhyfeddod y byd
a’r nen.

Cytgan (Chorus)

Yn y bore, yn y bore,
pan fo’r heulwen yn taflu patrymau ar garped o ddail.
Yn y bore, yn y bore,
pan fo’r adar i’w clywed yn canu eu harmoni,
deffrwch, mae’r byd yn fyw!

Cysgwch, breuddwydiwch, anghofiwch y ddoe a aeth heibio,
ac wrth gysgu cewch ddysgu i dderbyn yr heddiw sy’n dod.
Yna, ar doriad y wawr ni fydd fawr yn eich blino,
a chwech glywed a gweled yr holl fyd o’ch cwmpas yn canu’i glod.

Cytgan eto (repeat chorus)

fwy, yn fyw, yn fyw, yn fyw, yn fyw!

I hope I’ve copied it all correctly as it’s a bit confusing because the lyrics are underneath the music notes. I’m not a very musical person (I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket so it’s not true that all welsh people can sing :rofl:) but, if you are, then this book seems well worth having and it’s only £6.95!


You did.

I just listened to the video carefully and read the lyrics with it and it’s all 100 % correct!

Da iawn ti! Y Lolfa really rules! (at least in this case) :slight_smile: and you @susancymru are a star!

A while ago in one FB group (I have to exelerate my memory to remember i which of those I’m a member though) there was the same question asked a while ago (as I’ve said already). Were you @s-coates1 the one asking for the lyrics there aswell?

If this wasn’t you, am I allowed to post the link to this thread in the comment to that particular post, too. Or would be better to just post the title of the book and where to find it? What do you think?

And I’m so happy and thankful we found the lyrics of this particular song because the way I understand it it’s well worth to learn the lyrics and make some attempt pto sing it…

Well, @s-coates1 and @Laura_P_87, now you’ve got teh lyrics. I’d be curious to hear you singing the song now. :slight_smile:

Croeso I’m glad it’s all good :blush: I’m not on Facebook and I only joined this thread because I was familiar with the Mary Hopkins song “Yn Y Bore” and realised it was not the same as the one you were searching for. Then the challenge of finding the right lyrics was irresistible! And I’ve now discovered that Google doesn’t know everything and some things can still only be found in good, old fashioned books. Of course you are welcome to put a link to this so that other people can find these lyrics more easily.

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I’m so glad that the book had the right lyrics to the right song! And how true, that sometimes the answers we need are in books. Thank you @susancymru for finding this and for typing up the lyrics.

As to hearing us singing…we’ll get back to you on that! :wink:

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Maybe you won’t have to wait until it’s perfect. I found that after I’d done a lot of listening to Radio Cymru (and I mean a lot), and even without understanding the majority of it, I eventually got to the point where, if I wanted to, I could have written down words & phrases that I heard spelt reasonably accurately, thanks to Welsh being at least more phonetic than English (not totally phonetic though). And of course, once you’ve written it down more or less accurately, you can probably find it in a dictionary.

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