Yn y bore

Bore da pawb.

I hope this is the right section to ask this since it’s not explicitly about learning!

Me and @Laura_P_87 have been really enjoying the song Yn y bore sung by Ryan a Ronnie, and want to learn the words, but can’t find them anywhere. I bet there’s a few people here who know it off by heart?

I’m sorry, but we’ve already tried to find these lyrics and I even have asked Mary Hopkin about it on twitter:

Noswaith dda @themaryhopkin. Un chwestiwn os galla i os gwelwych yn dda. Ble dw i'n gallu feindio geiriau am yr cân "“Yn y bore”? Dw i'n ofyn Chi achos o'n i'n ddarllen bod ych Chi wedi sgwennu nhw. Diolch am yr ateb.

— Tatjana Prelog (@KnightGhost) May 5, 2018

I’ve literally asked her where to find the lyrics and the conversation further went as this:

My chemistry teacher, Gwyn Davies, wrote the beautiful Welsh words to 'Yn y Bore'. It is a translation of the Bee Gees' song 'Morning of My Life'. I wouldn't know where they might be written down - I no longer have a copy of the lyrics.

— Mary Hopkin (@themaryhopkin) May 5, 2018

And then the last tweet - more to lovely W. Huw Davies than to me was this:

Diolch yn fawr, Huw. Tatjana Prelog @KnightGhost This lady was just asking about the beautiful Welsh lyrics your dear father wrote (Yn Y Bore). I have the record so please don't trouble Hywel for the lyrics. Wasn't his birthday on the 2nd? Much love to you both. M xx

— Mary Hopkin (@themaryhopkin) May 5, 2018

And after that I didn’t hear any more.

So I’m afraid, did no one already transcribed this song, there’s impossible to find the lyrics though.

The discussion didn’t went on this forum but rather in one of the FB groups so I can’t find what else there was said in the topic though.

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@s-coates1 If this is true, then here are the English lyrics from the Bee Gees song, ‘Morning of My Life’. You could always translate back into Cymraeg. Currently I still struggle with translations.

In the morning when the moon is at it’s rest,
you will see me at the time I love the best
watching rainbows play on sunlight;
pools of water iced from cold night,in the morning.
'Tis the morning of my life.

In the daytime I will meet you as before.
You will find me waiting by the ocean floor,
building castles in the shifting sands
in a world that no one understands,
In the morning.
'Tis the morning of my life,

In the morning of my life the
minutes take so long to drift away
Please be patient with your life
It’s only morning and you’re still to live your day

In the ev’ning I will fly you to the moon
To the top right hand corner of
the ceiling in my room
Where w’ll stay until the sun shines
Another day to swing on clothe’s lines
May I be yawning
It is the morning of my life
It is the morning of my life
In the morning
In the morning
In the morning


Gee, thank you @delawarejones! I knew I’ve written on here somewhere about it but I just couldn’t find the topic. And yes, if I have written this then I’ve got info from somewhere about it. So it must be true. I believe if one looks at the English text and listen to the Welsh one this can be prety helpful with translation I believe but unfortunately at this point I don’t have the time to go in depth with this right now.

Many success with the re-translation!

Tatjana :slight_smile:

EDIT to add
Ahh, I see, this is in the Mary Hopkin’s tweet. So it should be true. :slight_smile:


I don’t think Ryan and Ronnie are singing the same lyrics as the version of Yn Y Bore by Mary Hopkins. I have Mary Hopkin’s CD “Y Caneuon Cynnar” (the early songs) which has her version of Yn Y Bore on it. Unfortunately there are no lyrics on the CD sleeve but it does say that Yn Y Bore is “Morning Of My Life” copyright Barry Gibb which are the lyrics, in english, which delawarejones has kindly given above.

However listening carefully to the Ryan and Ronnie version, with my amateur cymraeg ear, it sounds very different. They are singing about birds singing and waking the world up in the morning etc… I’ve found a book on ylolfa.com called Caneuon Ryan which has the lyrics to some of his most popular songs and the first one in the index is called Bore so I wonder if this could be his version. I’ve ordered the book so will post here again if it is.


Owowow … you’re right. This song of Mary Hopkin is totally different song as by the music/melody as by the lirycs. So the search goes on I think.

The song of Mary Hopkin is here: https://open.spotify.com/track/2BvHKCCnlVMs79qhxQ0gQv (it’s on spotify so I can just hope everyone can listen to it.

This version of the song above is obviously more known

I’ve searched acros the Google but didn’t find any lyrics of this particular song though.

Aled Hughes plays a snippet of this every morning at the start of his show on Radio Cymru at 8.30. I was excited just to work out the title…!

Here’s another great version:

Just to add one more snippet to this thread. The version of the Bee Gees’ song ‘Morning of My Life’ that I recall being most prominent in the UK in 1967 was by the Israeli duo Esther and Abi Ofarim - it was everywhere at the time. I see that Barry Gibb originally wrote the song in 1965, and though the Bee Gees recorded it in 1966, it looks as if they didn’t actually release their version till 1970. The Esther & Abi Ofarim version is available on YouTube for 1967, and the Bee Gees version is on there from the early 70s. Whatever the case, it appears to bear little relation to the Ryan a Ronnie song.

Trivia point: Emyr Gibson used to play “Meical” in Rownd a Rownd until comparatively recently. (His character and wife “emigrated” to Cardiff at the end of the summer “term” :slight_smile: ).
He’s a pretty fair singer, as well as being a great actor.

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I love Emyr and Sian’s version because those two voices so much belong together (don’t mind relative relationship). :slight_smile:

And, no offence to Mary Hopkin but this one Yn y Bore sounds much better to me.

It is also a completely different melody than the Bee Gees one, so I think the relationship is very tangential.

Relationship of the song is only in the title, nothing more but I thought of a relationship of Emyr and Sian. They’re brother and sister (if I’ve got the right data). :slight_smile:

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And that was what I was talking about.

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Did you have to mention them? :smiley: It took me half a lifetime to forget them and now you’ve spoilt it :frowning:

Sorry, John. Why? Did you find them so bad? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grinning:

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Didn’t they have a hit in the 60s with that song Cinderella Rockerfella? There was some weird sort of yodelling in it if I remember correctly. I remember singing along to it as a child - which I’m sure my parents very much appreciated :laughing:


I sometimes get them confused with Sonny and Cher.

You might also remember the king of the yodellers, Frank Ifield. :slight_smile:
(Still going, apparently!)

I recognise the name but didn’t remember him so I googled him. Then it came back to me - “I remember yooohooo!” :joy:

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Wow! Thanks for all the replies everyone. After the initial suggestion it was a ‘cover’ I listened to it again and got quite confused initially. I also found it from the Aled Hughes show…

Maybe I’ll just have to wait until my Cymraeg is pefect to write it down myself :wink: