Ydy'r iaith Wyddelig bwysig/Is the Irish language important?

Nice little video about the Irish language which, like Gymraeg, sounds sweet to my ears. Some interesting comments which parallel, I think, with Cymru. Such as - lots of the nation understand the language but are unable to cross the bridge to use it.


Very interesting Kim. Thanks for posting this.

I totally agree. “A country without a language is a country without a soul!” The Irish fought for and eventually won their independence from the English. Perhaps we, because we lost that fight, had only Cymraeg to cling to, to prove we are not English!! Clearly, the Irish need to teach through the medium of their language! For the adults who do not know it, SSiIrish!! I now feel quite protective of the one bit of Irish I somehow learned without knowing when or how, Tir na Nog!! Land of Youth!!


I’ve lived in Ireland on and off for the last couple of years, and the only Gaelic I’ve ever heard has been recorded stop names on the Luas (tram) in Dublin. Not sure where it’s spoken but I’ve travelled widely and lived in Co. Tipperary and Dublin and certainly never heard it in a pub or anything. Quite sad really.

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Tir na Nog!! Land of Youth!![/quote]
Curiously (or maybe not so curious) “Na-nôg” is the name of a shop in Caernarfon that also sells merchandise online. I get their e-mails regularly.

I enjoyed watching that, and hearing the Irish language spoken, which was new to me. I’m learning a lot hanging around here :slight_smile:

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I haven’t been in Caernarfon since my 1997. I’m not sure if it was there then, but if so, I could have seen it, but would not know how I came to think it meant Fairyland!! :confounded: :confused: