Xmas skype

Missing your chat group?

Feeling the need to practise your Welsh this festive season?

Add your name to this list and sort out a skype chat over xmas.

You never know one of these fluent bods may even join in to help us lingulistically challenged.

Join in the fun, you know you want to :wink:

i’d join but my welsh is way too rusty…

I’ll join :slight_smile:

will do my best join in.

Cheers J.P.

Where’s the list? I’d like to join! :slight_smile:

Yes please!

great idea and i would have joined in, but going to be away between Christmas and new year.

I’ll pm everyone on the list tonight or first thing tomorrow and we can swap skype details. We can arrange one to ones, group chats, etc at a convenient time.

And don’t worry if its a quick “helo xxxxx ydw i, nadolig llawen” before you run out of things to say. The important thing is trying.


You can skype on tablet or mobile if you have wifi or 3/4g. Just a thought.

Once you have peoples skype names, you can put them all into one group call.

Nominate a time or times when you are going to put out a call and all those who can attend will get an invite at the same time.

It can get a bit confusing if more than 5 join at the same time but that does not happen often, and of course some may wish to listen more than speak.

Cheers J.P.


Byddwn yn hapus i ymuno ag unrhyw un.

I would be happy to join in but it depends when because my daughter is visiting for a few days.


Please add me if you’re doing a group. I’m not sure if I will be able to join over the holiday, but there’s a chance, and I’m a bit short on Welsh at the mo!


Well, just spoke with @philipnewton

Amazing. He’s only been learning six weeks!!! What an inspiration!


I’d be up for it but not sure I’ll be able to say much - I’m at level 1 challenge 21 at the moment but would love the chance to listen and practice!


you’d be fine

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Thanks - it would be good to practice saying something to someone else - as I’m encouraged to do in every challenge now! My Skype name is davies-si if you are putting together a list of interested people. Diolch.

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Request sent :slight_smile:

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I need help please, I am willing to chat via Skype but I do not know how to contact people. My email address is n.h.c@btinternet.com and my Skype name is Toadspawn.
I am attending Welsh lessons with Coleg Gwent in Monmouthshire.

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@llanddinol: I had invited you to the group message (somewhat confusingly also called “Xmas skype” - where others who have been willing to do informal Skype sessions have shared their Skype usernames.

If you’re using the Windows Skype client, try using the “Search” box at the top left, or the menu “Contacts > Add Contact > Search Skype Directory…” (which should take you to that box), then type in someone’s username to find them. Add them to your Skype Contacts if you haven’t already.

Then send them a brief written message through SSiW PM or via Skype to arrange a date and time that’s convenient for the two of you :slight_smile:


I would love to speak too, if there’s someone interested. Tomorrow and Monday I’m completely free:)

Skype: stellastatsevich