"Wyn Ar Wyddoniaeth" (Radio Cymru, Mondays, 12:30-ish)

There seemed to be a lot of interest in the Chemistry videos on Youtube, so people might be interested in this science programme on Radio Cymru:

"“Wyn Ar Wyddoniaeth”

It seems to be the first in a new series, although I had not been aware of the previous series.

The speakers seem to be clear and not too fast.

Good share…:smile:

Hi Mike. Thanks for the share. I should be on one of the episodes coming up, talking about hydrogen fuel cells and my PhD work. I haven’t been told which episode exactly. I’m quite nervous but excited to hear how it turns out.

Fantastic! Did that come about because of your blog? Thoroughly well deserved…:star:

Thanks :slight_smile: Partly, yeah. After coming back from the Cynhadledd Wyddonol in Aberystwyth, someone who knew of my blog/YouTube channel passed my details along to Wyn.


Woop! I was in the episode yesterday. Here is the link :slight_smile:
The whole episode was very interesting and my part starts at 17:33.

I could use something like that for computers - given that I’m trying to get into software development, being able to talk about the job in Welsh would be rather useful.

Here’s a useful phrase Chris:

“Wyt ti 'di trio ei ddiffodd ac ei droi ymlaen eto?”



lol. On the other hand, discussions about software architecture, specific pieces of hardware in cases where the name isn’t just a “with a Welsh accent” loan word and discussions on the merits of functional versus object oriented programming might be a little beyond my reach at the minute ;).

Ashley, that was fantastic! Do you realize that you have attained the Holy Grail: you did a Welsh-language media interview where the WHOLE INTERVIEW was about the interesting things that you have to say, and nobody mentioned that you had learned Welsh??? Very few people-who’ve-learned achieved that, I think. You go! I can see that you are going to be a go-to guy for S4C and Radio Cymru on alternative technology, at minimum.

Thanks also for teaching me new vocabulary and phrasing in your interview. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say “cell” aloud in Welsh, and that it turns out to be a feminine noun makes it more entertaining.

Fyddwn i ddim wedi meddwl mai dysgwr oeddet ti, Ashley…:star:

[Jesd hwntw cyffredin…:wink:]

Thanks Tahl, I feel so happy that I have done this :slight_smile: I try to draw little attention to the fact that I am learning/have learnt welsh. But most times I can’t resist the urge to say that I am, just in case someone says a word/phrase that I don’t understand and I get caught out. I did actually tell Wyn that I have been learning Welsh just before the interview. Looking back I shouldn’t have bothered. But I always do!

Diolch yn fawr hefyd Aran. [Dw i’n hoffi cael fy ngalw yn hwntw cyffredin, ond mae’n gwneud i fi feddwl am ddogfen David Attenborough… “Dyma lle gwelwch chi’r hwntw cyffredin” :)]

Thanks, Ashley, I was able to follow the whole thing. Learnt a few new words by the context of your discussion as well. Diolch!

Gwych, diolch Ashley, difyr iawn! Does ddim perygl yn creu a chludo’r hydrogen?

Thanks dinas, glad you liked it!

Helo Louis, diolch am wrando :slight_smile:

Gall hydrogen gael ei gynhyrchu o amrywiaeth o ffynonellau. Does dim un sydd yn fwy peryglus 'na chreu petrol neu diesel. O ran cludo’r nwy i’r cerbyd, gall hydrogen achosi niwed i bibellau a gollwng, “hydrogen embrittlement” mae nhw 'n ei alw fe. Felly, mae rhaid defnyddio pibellau sy’n gallu wrthsefyll hyn.

Mae’r tudalen diddorol hyn yn cymharu beth sydd digwydd pan mae gollyngiad hydrogen yn cael ei gynnau, i dân diesel. Mae rhai priodweddau nwy hydrogen yn gwneud iddo fe yn fwy diogel na phetrol neu diesel. Er enghraifft, mae nwy hydrogen yn lledaenu yn syth i fyny pan mae’n gollwng, lle mae petrol neu diesel yn aros o gwmpas am amser hirach.

Dw i’n gobeithio wnaeth hynny ateb dy gwestiynau di.

[Dw i’n hoffi cael fy ngalw yn hwntw cyffredin, ond mae’n gwneud i fi feddwl am ddogfen David Attenborough… “Dyma lle gwelwch chi’r hwntw cyffredin” :)]

Rhywbeth felly yn union oedd yn fy meddwl i…:smile:

Diolch i ti Ashley, dw i’n teimlo’n ddiogel rwan :slight_smile: