Would anyone like to share their duolingo name?

Yes, Italian is very useful for learning Welsh! :smiley:

About transcriptions, there’s two different things I have and used for two different kinds of practice:

  1. a pdf file with the actual lyrics I found on Discogs (just a few) and in a booklet I got from the label, with all the songs from Wyau/Pyst and Libertino - that then you’re going to have to buy too. :laughing:

  2. my attempts of transcriptions of other songs, that are those I plan to use for the challenge along with more I still haven’t tried to write at all

(BTW after drinking enough gin I read one aloud one to Pat of Datblygu first time I met her. She was really amused and at the same time very impressed, cause most of my italwelshglish was accurate enough to be understood as Welsh words! :rofl:

p.s. sending the list in pvt

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Wow! Diolch! I’m a bit under the cosh today so will look at this properly yfory!

How do you envisage the song transcription challenge working I wonder?

Uhm…I don’t really have a clear idea, just thought it could be fun - a dweud y gwir. :slight_smile:
Let me think about it a bit!

p.s. not sure that “a” makes sense, but that’s the sound that pops up in my mind…!

Hi I’m John311036 but I don’t use it much!!

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@Telyn_Marco Diolch for sharing the targets and the tick list! I had seen both ages ago and forgotten about them, but I’ve saved them now.

@Telyn_Marco @gisella-albertini I’ve been looking at your posts about the song translation and transcription (I just tried to type dranscription, which when speaking, WOULD be easier after the D in and hahaha :rofl:)… anyway, I had the idea that this activity might be better accomplished as a cooperation rather than a competition. I imagine a dedicated post, as well as a set of Google Docs maybe, where we can share the words we understand with each other and complete them together. I might be able to hear parts you can’t and vice versa, or what you heard might trigger an understanding in my mind of what follows in the next line… Let me know what you think.

As a gesture of goodwill :wink: here is a link to a new song that just came out a few days ago by Gwilym that I’ve been listening to and writing down random words and phrases I hear, (or imagine I do anyway!) in no particular order :sweat_smile: It’s not much to go on and needs a LOT of filling in! :laughing:

\Neidia/ - Gwilym

i wenu (gwenu)
ti’n mwynhau y drama
gweld y bore
y cyfle wedi mynd


Great idea there from @sasha-lathrop! As I mentioned in @gisella-albertini 's new topic, I think this would be fun and a very good use of energy! It would also be simple to open it up to all-comers! :man_dancing::nerd_face::100:

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Also realised this will be infinitely better as much needed practice in recognising the spoken word which, in my case at least, needs to go a little way to catch up with my written comprehension. I’m in! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Here’s a link to @gisella-albertini 's new topic, in case anyone wants to pop on over!

Hi, I’ve just come back to SSiW after an extended break. I have been dabbling with Duolingo over the past year though. My Duolingo name is:


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Hiya, I’ve just been adding people on my Duolingo, when I searched for Quamie there were quite a few so please feel free to follow me so that I can follow you (that doesn’t sound creepy at all). I’m Wendy (Wendy794356) :slight_smile:

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Not creepy at all! I added you, thanks!

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Added! Got quite the little group together now! :grinning:


Just in case anyone didn’t know this:
Mae jiráff newydd gyda Megan!
I thought it would be only fair to keep you all up to speed on this development! :rofl:


Well …“Cyn ymddeol mae Owen eisiau bwyta pannas”


Mae Owen eisiau bwyta pannas pinc hefyd! :rofl:


That’s a great idea! My Duolingo name is … talk amongst yourselves while I burrow around trying to find out where to look :wink: … ah, here it is: “Janet_M44”. I try to do a bit every day, though sometimes my patience is sorely tried by the need to enter “visitor, visitors” for the 450th time … Honestly, Duolingo, I got it on the 398th time. Hwyl, Janet


Mine is ‘Charlotte’ (Charlotte694) with a butterfly profile picture. I have been doing Duolingo for about a year and have half the lessons up to level 5. I think it has really helped running along side SSIW.


If anyone else goes crazy trying to understand why every time you click “follow” Duolingo instantly unfollows that person :angry: is just that you need at least 1 day streak to be allowed to do it!

So this thread is working: I had to do a lesson, thanks/because of you! :laughing: