Song transcription (collaborative) challenge

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Short summary:
@Telyn_Marco and @sasha-lathrop mentioned starting a friendly competition on Duolingo

(jumping a few steps in between!)


I think…alright! Let’s start with this new topic/thread and let’s see how it goes! :grinning:

[Edit] Copying the link to the list here, so it’s easier to find. There are three tabs:
- one for transcriptions in the works
- one for completed transcriptions
- one for collecting official lyrics found elsewhere


Also quoting first “challenge” as proposed by:

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Blimey @gisella-albertini ! Are you organised or wot?! :grinning:

I’ll take cooperation over competition any day of the week! :smiley:


Oh, dw i’n joio organizing! :grin:

By the way, I tend to avoid any sort of exams or competitions myself. I guess I was inspired by the “friendly competition” but definitely no need for it! :smiley:

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I always hated the pressure of exams or tests of any kind whatsoever. My father was a ruthlessly critical, victorian-style neapolitan, which I’m sure gives you an idea as to what I mean…! Breaking free of that tyrrany has been a lifelong mission so I’m more than delighted whenever someone suggests cooperation instead of competition. So llewar o ddiolch to @sasha-lathrop and your good self ! :grinning:

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Yeah, gives the idea! :sweat:
Speaking of fathers, certainly a different style, but… uhm…Milan-born and raised model son of an Austrian fervent catholic nanny and a copper is probably about as flexible as yours! :wink:
Then how come it was us mentioning competition first? :thinking:

Anyway…since @sasha-lathrop started the cooperation mood, shall we just start from the song she chose and Google docs she was mentioning?
And when we’re pretty close to something that makes sense, post it here and move on to another? :slight_smile:

As for technique, I usually find it easier to write everything in Italwelglish first, and then try to figure out which words they might be! :rofl:

p.s. first listen I thought I had heard “ti’n mwynhau yer grandma” :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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'cos that’s how it works with the way I internalised such things. I didn’t even think of it in that way until @sasha-lathrop mentioned it. At least I thought of ‘friendly’ rather than gung-ho and aggressive competition?! :zipper_mouth_face: :flushed:


Alright! I am so excited you both like the idea of working together! I started the day feeling pretty down, but now I am smiling and laughing to myself while reading your posts in our shiny new topic thread @gisella-albertini @Telyn_Marco !

Diolch yn fawr iawn!

Hahahaha, that is awesome and made my morning happy. I’m so glad you chose to share that insight! :rofl:


Let’s try this out…

Here is a link to a master list of songs, so we can find and organize songs and artists easily:

Here is a link to the first song, /Neidia/ by Gwilym:

If you add a song, create a Doc for it and share the link (make sure to set it so anyone with the link can edit), and then post it in the master list.

Excited to see how this goes!

EDIT: I have tried to remove the SSiW from the master list title, since it is not an official project, but the sharing link insists upon keeping it… sorry.


(I just had a quick look at the docs now, but I’ll be back later).

I hope all this organization and efficiency is not going to upset @Telyn_Marco too much! :rofl:

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Yes. Harrumph! I am extremely upset that other people are doing all the legwork! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


HA! With all this organization and motivation, imagine the things we will accomplish!!! :rofl::laughing::nerd_face::star_struck:

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@gisella-albertini I just had a thought since you have done so many songs before, if you want to add them too, maybe you can create a doc and put a “Closed” tag at the top and set the sharing settings to “Anyone with a link can view” before posting the link… so that no one goes and mucks it up! :laughing:

We can do the same for songs we have completed as we go along, too.

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I love the idea!
Actually just the other day I was thinking I still haven’t found an archive of lyrics in Welsh (did you?) and it could be a good idea to start one! :wink:

But oh, you’re way too optimistic about my trascriptions, now. :grimacing:
They are still very much Italwelglish, totally need more work - except for one that has been through a quick revision from a native speaker and should be pretty much right! :grinning:

However, I do have a lot of Datblygu official lyrics…Maybe I can put those in the “closed” section?
Or do we want to put just the ones we trascribed by ourselves?

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I think we can link to official ones, or include them if they’re specifically marked. That would be great to have them in one place. Maybe a special tab at the bottom, where it says Sheet 1 now… Sheet 1 could be renamed as ours, then an official lyrics tab. What do you think?

I can hardly wait to see your Italwenglish! If “ti’n mwynhau yer grandma” is any indication, haha… The more ears working these out, the better, and laughter along the way is the best of all! :wink:

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Gee, I hope I don’t sound unkind…! I mean in the sense of laughing together at the process and the challenge involved, not at any one person’s mistakes. Pardon me… :roll_eyes::dizzy_face::flushed:

EDIT: “Ti’n mwynhau yer grandma” kinda made my day wonderful, actually! I needed that smile.

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Yes, I think a separate sheet would be best!
Ours and official is fine, I guess.

As for the laughter, don’t worry, it DOES involve a lot of laughter with the misheard lyrics and weirdness…but that’s one of the things I always mwynhau-ed best, just like yer grandma…bwwaah!! :rofl:

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Hahahaha freaking perfect, then! Let’s laugh our way to fluency yn Gymraeg! :rofl:

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Ok, the new sheet is up and running - now there is an Our Lyrics (Unofficial) tab (hahaha, very unofficial, Grandma! :crazy_face:) and an Official Lyrics tab.

EDIT: I also remembered to add the CLOSED tab for our unofficial lyrics we have wrapped up.

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:+1: We’re all set, then!
For a test, I started with an official one, that’s quicker and less embarrassing. :grin:
It’s the very first real Welsh I ever read and learned.
Before that song, it was just…sounds! :laughing:

Practical notes:

  • how about using a link shortener like to make them more compact?
  • I added “uploaded by” in the notes field (so it’s easier to contact whoever put it there, if needed)
  • I copied it by hand from an image file on Discogs and re-read it a million times so it should be quite correct. But maybe we can keep all closed and official ones in edit as suggestions mode, in case anyone spots mistakes?
  • I also added a note about the source

Does it look alright? (question for everybody, but especially @sasha-lathrop who created the system :wink: )

Edit: I also added first draft of Neidia first verse in Italwelglish…if anyone wants to check it out and see if it’s useful to figure out more words… :sweat_smile:
As I wrote there in a note, there’s sounds I’ve never attempted to write before - I guess it’s Northern accent!