Song transcription (collaborative) challenge

It looks great, and I love your ideas! I don’t know how to use the thing yet though…:sweat_smile:

Oh that’s easy:

  1. copy the long link as it is.
  2. Go here:
  3. paste the link where you see “shorten your link”
  4. click on “shorten”
  5. copy the new link and paste it in the document as usual!

And when you’ve got the chance let me know about the 1st verse…aww! :grimacing:

I have no idea what the Welsh actually is, but the italwelglish looks like it sounds! That’s a start! Diolch!

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I can’t write Welsh to save my life, but I have a long experience at writing sounds to sing along the songs I like! :rofl:

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Well, our whole aim is to get as close as we can, right? We have to start somewhere, and you have gotten wayyyyyyy farther than I did! Most of that was not even possible to hear clearly for me yet, blazing by like a jumble of sounds until I saw what you wrote!

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Great! :slight_smile:

Maybe - also for the fun of it - I can post in the Closed section the first one I transcribed.
The revised version on top.
My best attempt right below.
My first attempt at the bottom (I’ve lost the very first, when I didn’t even know the Welsh alphabet, but this was soon after starting SSiW so it kinds gives the idea of how bad it had started and how it can evolve to actual lyrics!

p.s. I’ve just realized every time I see CLOSED I automatically think “oh I shouldn’t go on this tab! It’s closed!” :laughing:
What about calling it “completed” or something like that?

Great ideas! The tab name change is done!

At my current stage of listening comprehension I can manage but a small fraction of @sasha-lathrop 's! Can’t see myself adding a lot at this stage of the game! Ma rhaid i fi amarfer gwrando a siarad mwy!

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@Telyn_Marco Dal ati!

I should admit that I have listened to this song an embarassing amount of times since it came out a few days ago, and I started to pick up those little fragments only after listen number 20 maybe, or more, who knows?!? Don’t be discouraged!

And, speaking of needing practice… dw i’n moyn ymarfer siarad Cymraeg gyda ti weithiau!

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Beth ydy “dal a ti” yn meddwl?! Still to you?!

Plus, if we speak soon most of what I say will be Ydy hi’n gywir I deud……?
or 3. Sut wyt ti’n deud…….? :rofl:

Aahhhh… no, typo :flushed:… that’s been fixed! It means “Keep at it!”

Count on it!

So… am I right in guessing you’re studying the gog (northern) course? I accidentally said “deud” to my cat the other day when I was talking to him, but I normally say “dweud.” :rofl:

I’m not going to try to figure out how many times I’ve listened the ones I sort of transcribed…:see_no_evil: :scream_cat:

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Haha - no! Doing the southern course. The use of deud instead of dweud is down to using the version of that question that another kind SSiWer translated for me!

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Ah, so you are in the same boat, then! Sweet! :laughing::relaxed:

Hahaha, ok cool! That simplifies things, then! I think the three of us (who have joined this topic thread so far) are all doing south, right @gisella-albertini ?

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I believe so. I get the impression @gisella-albertini has experience of both though.

OK - mae rhaid i fi mynd i’r gweli yn gynnar heno achos mae pen tost 'da fi! :face_with_thermometer: Nos da!

Me, just South!
I’m getting used to the Northern accent since I’ve been listening to the Advanced content (even though I still haven’t finished Level 3).
But I’m totally unfamiliar with the peculiar sounds that are different from the South- in fact in my attempt with @sasha-lathrop’s song I was at loss with some weirdness I don’t know how to decode in Italwelglish!

p.s. Marco, did you notice in the other tabs, there’s two songs from one of the Datblygu records you bought? You can start practising on those - just like I did! :grin:

Edit: Oh sorry, I hadn’t seen Marco’s second post about pen tost. Maybe not a good day to start practicing hollols. :roll_eyes: Or maybe those sounds have hidden healing power - who knows! :mage::woman_mage:

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Nos da @Telyn_Marco and I hope you feel better in the morning!