Would anyone like to share their duolingo name?

Mine is “Kzinti” - We could “follow” each other as we proceed through the levels?!


LOL - guess that’ll be a No then! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m not active on DL right now… but I’m thinking about starting back up!

Sasha Lathrop (quickstar11)

Kewl! Will add you! :slight_smile:

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Diolch! I couldn’t figure out how. :grinning:

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I’m not actually sure if I am following you or not… the drop-down says I am, but your profile says I’m not… :roll_eyes:

Strange! My profile says I’m following you but you’re not listed on my friends list! If you click on my profile name there should be a Follow / Unfollow button in yellow I think?!

Ok, it worked this time! I used my laptop, and for whatever reason I am showing up in your followers now. We’re nearly at the same place, I’m 67 points away from Level 17!

Haha! I think i read something somewhere about there being a difference in registering actions depending on which device you use. Mobile vs PC seems to make a difference somehow! Anyway, glad to be in friendly competition with ya! :nerd_face::smiley:

Yeah! A little friendly competition is great! I was pleasantly surprised to see we were so close for that extra excitement factor! :nerd_face:

Mine is Yottskry, although on my profile it says “Stephen Branley (Yottskry)” so I don’t know which you’d use to find me.

I’m not really sure of the point of following in DuoLingo; it doesn’t seem to provide any particular feature, but I’m happy to do it.

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By the way, I don’t know if you’re aware of it but DuoMe.eu is a more useful site for keeping track of your DL statistics (or anyone else’s for that matter):



(replace Yottskry with your own, or someone else’s, name)



to see all sorts of leaderboards for people learning Welsh in general (most crowns, most XP, how complete their tree is, etc)


Hey thanks Stephen. I think the ‘following’ malarkey just adds a bit of visibility to friendly competition. I’m probably just an easy-sell lol. Thanks for the other pointer too - I enjoy getting the sense of communal enthusiasm for the language that comes from playing along with other learners, SSiW being a far better example of that, of course.
Cheers! :grinning:

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It’s ok for me to share my Duolingo account, that appears as: Gisella (giz-boh)

However, regarding my progress I cleared all the languages I had just done 2 or 3 lessons of, and just kept French and Welsh where I did a bit more - but I’m not planning to go back to do anything at the moment so I’m not sure I can be of much help! :smiley:

note: First time I started Welsh, it was soon after launch and had very few lessons on each topic. So it appears as 10 levels done now, but the truth is that it took like a week to reach it!. :grin:

Then I started and quit a few more times (also tried again a few weeks ago, while waiting for a bus that was late) but I just get too bored with it - and I don’t remember anything at all of what I did in previous lessons, so… :sweat_smile:


Lol - I can imagine it would be boring for you super-advanced types :wink:

As a mewling and puking baby-learner I have yet to reach that stage (though I did get a bit fed up repeating ‘Ga i losin’ 200 times recently so maybe that’s a good thing! :rofl:


Super-advanced? Who, me? :astonished:
Mayyyybe Intermediate in Datblyguan Welsh, by now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But I remember clearly I was on still on vacation at the seaside when I decided to ignore the Keep up with the streak message, therefore no more than two weeks after starting SSiW.

'ts just that I get bored easily. :sunglasses:

But now I’ve got to find out what losin means (in Welsh, cause losin’ in English, I know!)

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Haha - well if you’re intermediate in Datblyguan you’re advanced by my reckoning! (I’ve been listening to those albums I bought and enjoying them whilst catching a word I recognise every now and again!)


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Well depending on which records you chose, I might be able to provide you the lyrics to practise with, if you like. I learned a lot with those, and they’re also part of my curriculum building up to Intermediate. :wink:

However I still don’t have the lyrics of most songs of the first record I got and many others.
I have to admit I still have a whole lot of fun just singing along the sounds without having the slightest idea of what they mean. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

But I’m also amazed of being able to recognize more and more actual words and even full sentences, at times. :sweat_smile:

And I just enjoy myself so much more than with Duolingo lessons, with those… :smirk:


Hi. My Duolingo username is MaryWagers. :slight_smile:

I’m always up for a little friendly competition.


Cool! These are the ones I bought - 4 not 2!

2.DATBLYGU - 1985-1995

They came in a bundle that I somehow misinterpreted as 2?! :upside_down_face:

“Cân i Gymry” seems like the perfect type of track to practice loads of vocab! :smile: