Worldwide map of Welsh speakers

A company called Braw Media have started circulating a Google map of the world where speakers of Welsh can put a marker showing their location. It also has tabs for Irish and Gaelic, a blog with language-related articles, and a page explaining about pronunciation apps they are hoping to develop.

It’s interesting to see how widespread Welsh speakers are, and I find myself wondering how many of them have learnt, or are currently learning, with SSiW.

To have a look go to Help map the Welsh language round the world!


Has anyone with more wwmph than me, and better technical expertise, tried to compare the SSiW maps with this one?

Compare them in what sense?

I have just noticed an article in BBC Cymru Fyw, which I assume must be referring to the same site. I think it had 500 locations, world-wide, so less than SSiW :grin: Loads in N America, though.

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At least one. I’ve put myself on yesterday …

Hmmm … you have the option to put commentary beside your mark however it didn’t occur to me I could at least say I’m learning with SSi. I’ve seen the man who’s behind this project on the FB who called on people to share his project. His name is Magnus Orr and the profile description shows that he works with that company, so maybe I can ask him to add special marker for SSiW learnere or at least to mend my commentary with my marker. Would it be acceptable @aran? Or maybe not …

I’ve checke back the map though and saw some SSiWers there and I saw the only other Slovenian who now lives in Aberystwyth put marker on there too. So it’s official - two are speaking/learning Welsh in Slovenia! YAY! :slight_smile:

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i meant the sort of comparisons mentioned after my message - numbers, mentions of SSiW, maybe mentions of difficulty learning - if the folk could then be contacted, it might be worth asking if they have tried SSiW.

The one who wants to be contacted can give their twitter of FB page - I did so, but my homeland co-speaker did not. I actually didn’t see many with links in their commentaries. Hope I don’t appear too “pushy” with giving all contacts away. :slight_smile:

There are 1000+ markers on the map right now. I believe for now SSi has them more. I’m tempted to ask Magnus if he’s willing to do the same map for Cornish and Manx (I doubt they’re included in any map). Be aware also that they run separate maps for each language so Welsh has it’s separate one etc …


I’ve just registered. Pretty straightforward. Here’s a copy of my blatant plug profile: “Learning with SSiW” :slight_smile:


No, I wouldn’t say that it seems pushy. As with all internet stuff, most people probably feel that it’s right to be cautious with their profile details, to start with.

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I put a marker at my house (with a mention to SSiW of course) and a group marker on y Saith Seren a couple of days ago. Very easy to do. The more, the merrier.


I’ve asked Magnus to add a little notion of learning with SSiW. I hope he’ll be so kind and do this for me. :slight_smile:

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Good idea. Perhaps some of the SSiW meetup contact people might like to put their groups on there as well?


Yup, there’s a marker there for Oxford now!


If you add a group or meeting to the map, why not link to a meeting thread on the forum as well? Perhaps it’ll help drive some traffic back to SSi…


It can be done I believe in exactly that note beside the marker I’ve talked about.

I emailed them asking about Cornish and they said more maps are coming!


Gwych! That’s what I wanted to hear! :slight_smile:

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In an email just received from the people who developed the Welsh speakers map (Braw Media):

Record a Welsh phrase on your phone and upload it to the map!

Thank you for helping map Welsh around the World. To make the map more interactive we are inviting everyone to record a short Welsh phrase on their phone and upload it to the map. Once we have 100’s of videos it will help highlight different accents and dialects around the World.

Our aim is to help promote the spoken Welsh language by using digital media to encourage more people to learn. We are not looking for broadcast quality only a 5-10 second clip on your phone. See Scottish Gaelic example below.

To upload your Welsh video please open the following link on your mobile phone:

Are there any examples on the site. On the upload site there’s none. I’m not sure what is appropriate to be told. Just from where you are or just little welcom or what? Thx.

Sorry, I shouldn’t have missed out this link giving an example in Gaelic of what they have in mind:
Tips on making a Gaelic video on your mobile phone

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