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I believe they should be able to access them John … the original programmes via iPlayer, as well as the podcasts.

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I can access it here in the US. Keep posting those links :slight_smile:

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Not in Scotland yet!!

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Thanks for the confirmation (i see in other post about the problems of getting programmes over seas is not always working)

Soon be the spring equinox and we will have equal daylight, from then on yr Alban will catch up fast with spring plants.

The odd coloured blue tit reply from experts is that it is probably suffering from a mite problem and may well rid itself of the problem and look normal at the next time it moults.

Afalau surion - crab apple.
dw i’n dipyn syndod i dal gweld coedyn hyn gyda afalau ar brigau.
I’m a little surprised to still see apples on the twigs of this tree.

Byddai I o disgwyl i’r adar wedi bwyta nhw erbyn hyn (draws yr gaeaf).
I would have expected the birds to have eaten them by now (across the winter).

Miaren - Bramble.

Gwyddfid - Honeysuckle.

uwch: dwy enghraifft (mieri a gwyddfid) gyda larfae glöwr dail rhwng eu arwynebau ddeilen.
above: two examples (bramble and honeysuckle) with leaf miner larvae between their leaf surfaces.
Gan eu bod yn wahanol rywogaethau o blanhigion, mae’n debygol eu bod yn wahanol rywogaethau o bryfed.
As they are different plant species, it is likely they are different species of insect.

Cheers J.P.


@ramblingjohn Hi John, just posted elsewhere about bilingual books at Gwales, and then noticed this one:


Geiriadur Termau Rheoli Coetiroedd / Dictionary of Terms for Woodland Management

Gwales Description
A dictionary of terms relating to the forestry industry. A bilingual English/Welsh dictionary, with the Welsh terms standardized according to international guidlines. An indispensable reference book to anyone interested in forestry and woodland management, the environment and countryside matters in Wales.

Geiriadur termau sy’n ymwneud a’r diwydiant coedwigaeth. Geiriadur dwyieithog Cymraeg/Saesneg, gyda’r termau Cymraeg wedi’i safoni yn unol a chanllawiau rhyngwladol. Cyfeirlyfr anhepgor i bawb sy’n ymddiddori mewn rheoli coetiroedd a choedwigoedd, yr amgylchedd a materion cefn gwlad yng Nghymru.

It might be a bit too specialised for your purposes, and it’s only 96 pages, but anyway, I mention it in case it is of interest.


I’ve been coming across odd things I appear to have missed at their best!

Maybe this was once a Ganoderma fungus:

Maybe this was once a puff ball? I found this under brambles thinking it was a wasp’s nest at first.

This one also tricked me, I thought it was a dead leaf. Then I thought it was a ffwng clust. It is neither.

& we have lots of this growing on a wall. I wondered if it was hair ice but as it is growing out of/on stone I’m not so sure.

Oddities but lovely.


Ok, back from Holiday and the camera was busy.

Castell tywod - sand castle.

Bron fraith - Song thrush.

Bran dyddyn - carrion crow.

Aderyn du / Mwylachen - Black bird (looks like a female with a large number of white feathers.
(mae’n edrych fel benywaidd gyda nifer mawr o plu gwyn).

Drudwen - Starling.

Dwrgi S.P. - Otter S.P. (sp = species when i am not sure).

Morgath sp - Ray sp.

Cheers J.P.


Hyfryd iawn! Lle oeddet ti? :sunny:

Most was in Bournemouth where there is an aquarium and all those birds in the parks are used to people, I took 243 photo’s in total, a large number of gold crests and still not one good enough to put on here, (some species are going to take some time),

The sand castle is part of a display that changes every year in Weymouth.

Cheers J.P.

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@pippapritchard you are doing so well at this and have a good area to foray.
This is Ganoderma lucidum (the stem is the give away) a species i have only knowingly found once.
I believe this is popular in Chinese medicine and is being grown commercially in America.
Your second image is the remains of a puff ball, the third if we could see underneath may be a winter polypore.

Cheers J.P.

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Y Bwrdd crwn - The round table (mounted high on a wall in the great hall Winchester).

Cheers J.P.


Heddiw neu bora hyn.

Some fungi fruit during the winter.

Polyporus brumalis - winter polypore.

Sometimes i lift a piece of tin and find up to 4 mice under it, now the weather is a little cold.

Llygoden Y coed - wood mouse (that is torpid or hibernating (gaeaf cysgu), it didn’t move, so i left a few peanuts and lowered the tin carefully).

This mornings Galwad cynnar now available online.

Cheers J.P.


Mor o niwl yn llenwi’r cwm ger Llandeilo bore Iau.

River of mist in the Tywi Valley a couple of days ago. The contrast between the fine, clear, crisp sunny day on top of the hill looking down onto the river of thick mist filling the deep valley, with islands of hills poking up through the top was quite remarkable.


He’s in for a treat when he wakes up then!

I tried the wildlife camera in various places o gwmpas yr ardd this wythnos as the days were bright.
300 images later …

Bwncath / buzzard

Cnocell fraith fwyaf / great spotted woodpecker (ceiliog / male).


Was this one of those which operates when something moves? Because, if so, those two pictures are brilliant adverts for such devices. So clear, so in focus and such great subjects!! Are they expensive?


Thanks @henddraig, yes it’s a “trail camera” triggered by motion. It’s good fun but does take a bit of getting used to. Mine was a birthday present; you’re looking at about £100 to buy one. As grim as it sounds, if I come across roadkill, I scoop it up it & it attracts the buzzards. This one has been drawn in by a pheasant.

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you are not alone, trouble is i have had no luck sitting and waiting, then the road kill disappears over night.

CoedynDerwen 280216 - Oak tree 280216 (as near as i can be to first of month).
Little change so far as we wait excitedly for spring.

Cheers J.P.

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Gorgeous… :sunny:

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Well there has been some discussion on the forum about the penguin, so from last weeks visit to an aquarium.

Pengwin humboldt - Humboldt penguin. (not naturally seen on our coast).

Morfach - seahorse. (can be seen off out coast but i have not seen one in the wild).

Cheers J.P.


I may have dreamed it, but I think I saw one in a Gower rock pool, once!! I definitely found a dead octopus on the beach… well… no I didn’t. My Cavalier King Charles found the dead octopus and rolled for the first and only time of her life… because, to her it smelled just too gorgeous to resist!!!
By the way, I planted the Carmarthen variety of cenhinen Bedr (daffodil) round our, then new, plum tree in 2004. Most years, I get a flower for Gwyl Dewi. Last year didn’t seem promising, so I brought one indoors. It flowered instantly and I had to bring one in on 28/2 to get it fresh on 1/3!! This year we had terrible frosts. Janet kindly picked two of ‘my’ daffs on 27/2 and, on 28th, two of an unknown variety which grows across the canal where it is sunny. Mine began to emerge yesterday and both are beautifully in flower yn y gegin heddiw!! The local variety are showing little signs of emerging from their green wrapping!! Gwyl Dewi happus!