What is happening to my brain? 😁

This is not so much about speaking practice as it is about thinking in Welsh…

So, I’ve just begun Level 2, and my Welsh is coming along nicely. I’m speaking, and thinking, in Welsh regularly, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the process.

But I think you know you’re an avid SSiW learner for certain, when you find yourself watching a Scandi-noir drama, listening to the speech in Swedish/Danish, reading the English subtitles AND translating those subtitles into Welsh in your head.

Is this verging on obsessed, perhaps? :joy: Anyone else getting this “automatic” thinking thing going on?


Now THAT is genuinely impressive :star: :star2: :smiley:


I do translate things into Welsh sometimes for practice, but not when I was starting level 2. Da iawn!
I think I started reading too early and had a horrible habit of translating everything into English long after I needed to as a kind of comfort blanket that I had actually understood things in Welsh. So, I took to translating things into Welsh to counter-act this and it seems to have worked, so stick at it. Sometimes it works really well and part of your brain thinks it’s understanding Swedish/Danish, despite going through two translations first!

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