Welsh to English dictionary for ebook reader

Hello. I’m going to buy an ebook reader and I would like to buy one which can contain Welsh to English dictionary which can be integrated into the reader so that I can quickly access it while reading. Anyone have any good experience with any ebook reader and/or dictionary? Diolch.

There definitely is not a way to do it on Kindle, to my great disappointment. The problem is that the dictionary can’t cope with the idea of stems and endings. The best way may be using a web-connected tablet and Google translate.


What about puting text into ReadLang reader where you have kind of immediate translation. I don’t know how ti works though. What I know is that you can upload your own text on, but don’t know if this is only for premium member and I also don’t know how is that with copyrights etc.

But something like ReadLang is a general idea you had in mind, isn’t it? (I mean how the thing should work for you)

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+1 on Readlang. I was a beta tester for this, and so (apparently) qualify for free use for life…

However, even now, you can still get free usage, although I think it’s limited to single words, not phrases. (You have to pay for that, but it’s not a king’s ransom).

It’s a great principle, and it works for a lot of languages, and you can incorporate specific dictionaries into it, like the Geirudar Bangor, or it can also use Google Translate…

It was a originally developed for web browsers on PCs and laptops, and that’s how I used it 'cos I’m still in the digital stone-age, man, but I think he’s now developed it for hand-held mobile devices.

A very useful tool. You need an e-book, and the ability to convert it to plain text or ePUB (which you can do with freeware Calibre - there are some provisos about this, and I’d advise you to consult your friend Google, as it’s not something I’m going to post here more explicitly about (even though it’s all perfectly legal, BTW))

'course, once you have it in plain text, you could also use Google Translate on that, if you wanted to…


I looked into this a while back, and basically drew a blank. There simply is no suitable Welsh-English dictionary that works in the way that proper dictionaries for Kindle work (i.e. highlight word and get instant lookup), i.e. an integrated dictionary. You can probably get an ordinary Welsh English dictionary in Kindle format, but it won’t be “integrated” and you just have to look up the words the mug’s way.

I actually emailed Bangor Uni and politely asked them if they would consider making their well known Ap Geiraduron available as an integrated Kindle dictionary (e.g. as a product you could buy - I would have happily paid money for that), but they just ignored my email.
I was rather disappointed not to receive any reply, but that’s life sometimes.

So I’m kind of doing my own thing now, just using Kindle for PC to occasionally buy Welsh language novels, convert them using Calibre, and then doing various things, sometimes with Readlang, sometimes with google translate, and now and again, working on creating a parallel text with some great freeware called Aglona Reader.

As far as I know, there are only Kindle integrated dictionaries available for the popular languages: French, Spanish, German and Italian. And to be honest, if it doesn’t exist for Kindle, I doubt if it’s going to exist for other e-Readers.

Frankly, this is a massive missed niche-market opportunity for someone, IMHO, although maybe it wouldn’t be that big a money spinner. There is probably more money in producing endless versions of only slightly updated traditional language courses than something that would actually be useful: - integrated dictionaries for all forms of e-reader for a wide range of languages.

My information may of course be out of date, although I don’t think it’s that out of date.
(And I’d love to be proved wrong actually).


Thank you all. These are really helpful ideas. I didn’t know about ReadLang, I tried it today and it’s a great feature, even the phrase translate works quite well. So I buy any e-book reader and hope that in the future there will be some good welsh dictionary and I will use ReadLang meanwhile. Diolch.


Hi, if you are still wanting to do this, I’ve just found that you can buy and download a Welsh-English dictionary to the Kindle and then use it while reading a Welsh book. Here’s the link:

You need a newish Kindle for the touch screen feature but it does work on the Kindle app on my iPad. Hope that helps.

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The integrated dictionary feature on the Kindle helped me enormously in the past so I was sad to hear it wasn’t available when I started learning Welsh. And I don’t really want to spend more time looking at a screen.
I’ve prodded the manufacturers, said that others would use it too and they’ve said they’ll look into it. I think they are on about 8 languages now, so it’s growing.

So if anyone else wants to ask them too I’m sure it would help our case :wink:

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I’m interested in this as well.

How exactly did you contact them / who did you contact?

On a previous investigation into this topic, I tried contacting the people at Bangor Uni who do the Welsh Dictionary app, to see if they were interested in producing a Kindle Welsh pop-up dictionary, but I got no reply or acknowledgement.

Hi Mike, I went on the amazon online help chat. The person said you are right it’s not available but that they’d pass on the info to the development team as they do add new languages now and again.

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