Welsh technical vocabulary

I’m a language educator and I know that the vocabulary you use to complete tasks (especially everyday tasks) helps significantly to acquire the language. As a Welsh learner I try to apply these principles (art of why I love SSiW!) but I’m having problems finding vocal lists for technical terms that I might use everyday. I’m personally interested in bicycles, coffee and mountaineering, but I’m curious about any collections of technical vocabulary that Welsh speakers have (automotive, bird-watching, etc).

The added bonus is that this serves to grow the language when these sorts of “technical” conversations happen in Welsh!

Anyone have any resources?

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As a computer scientist, that would be really useful for me too. The only words I know regarding computers are (possibly spelled incorrectly) cyfrifiadur, cyfrifiaduron and cyfrifiadureg (computer, computers and computer science).

Termiadur: http://www.termiaduraddysg.org/?lang=en


Have you looked at ‘What’s outside’ on the Forum? John goes to a lot of trouble to try to find words, and the rest of us chip in here and there!!!
To @robbruce Thanks for that link, it may well be very useful!!!

I like memrise for increasing vocab - not sure it would be specific enough though

I LOVE Memrise! Highly addictive! And fairly competetive as well. @billigog and I are both working our way through quite a long list of words from Harri Potter and I don’t know if he looks to see how well I’m doing, but I certainly look to see how well he’s doing. And @annmoore uses Memrise as well. There are other names familiar from here with the same usernames.

You can make your own lists of words, and either publish them for anyone to work through or keep them private. So, in time, there could be a list, or lists, of technical words created by @jprichard10 for other users to work their way through.

One word of caution. Because Memrise is ‘user generated’ you need to be careful. Course creators rarely differentiate between Gog and De talk and while a word may be correct, it might be very rare and there may be a much more common way of saying things. But a word is a word and while you may never use it it will still be recognised in reading or understanding.


I use Memrise too but have to admit I’ve “abandoned” it for a while. My day is just too short and it might be I’ve set too many goals there. I thing it’s worthy to try and search for some “tech” courses of Cymraeg. There’s surely something to be found.