Welsh Subtitles on S4c

Sorry if this is really obvious, but where do I find Welsh subtitles for Rwond a rwond? I’m looking on s4c but can only see English subtitles. I know that the subtitles won’t be exactly what’s being said, as they never are when they are on English programmes, but I would still find this helpful. Thanks

I think I’ve seen people on here say that Welsh subtitles for Rownd a Rownd are available on the clic service. Clic is the S4C catch up service found online here …



There are Welsh subtitles for Rownd a Rownd on TV (as well as on clic). Here’s S4C’s “How to access” info -


Diolch fawr

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Hmmm. Not available on Cable and have never been able to get Clic to work on my tablet :frowning:

You used to be able to get them through teletext 889 (888 for English ones), but I don’t think that system is ‘live’ anymore :frowning:

Can also be viewed easily on BBC iPlayer with English subtitles :+1:

Clic is definitely the way to go, I would suggest, assuming it works on whatever devices you have available. The Welsh subtitles are usually pretty close to what’s being said (as far as I can usually hear). They tend to miss out things like people’s names that don’t need subtitling, although occasionally something more meaningful is missed out, and they’ve gone for a more simplified version in the subtitle, perhaps for space reasons.

Have you tried the S4C app for mobile devices? Having said that, whenever I’ve run this on my phone, I couldn’t find a way of bringing up subtitles in any language. (I normally use Clic on my computer, using the Chrome browser, and that works fine). We have a smart TV, but there is no S4C/Clic app on it. If I try to watch S4C via the TV’s rather primitive browser, I can’t get subtitles, so if I want to watch RaR on our smart TV, I have to use BBC iPlayer, and that only gives English subtitles, unfortunately.

I was raised near Bangor, but left when I was 10. I am pretty much starting Welsh from scratch, but still remember quite a lot. I really want to watch programmes on S4C to improve my Welsh, but I find that it all seems to be in the South Wales accent/dialect which I struggle with (sorry, Southerners!). Can anyone recommend any Northern programmes I can watch? Many thanks.

Helo, AllyMack62!

I live in the United States, so my access is different. I use S4C international and stream AcornTV. And off the top of my head, I can think of two shows with Northern dialect. On S4C I watch the kids show Deian a Loli. Edited to add, I’m watching Deian a Loli now and there is a new version with new actors. They speak Southern. Old Deian a Loli is Northern On AcornTV, I liked Craith/hidden, a lot. Set in North Wales and most everyone speaks with the Northern dialect. I’ve been told Rownd a Rownd is northern, too, but I’ve never watched it.


A new series of Garddio a Mwy will be starting in April - the 3 presenters on there are Northern. There is a mix on the quiz show Rhannu (depending where the contestants come from), but the host is Northern, and some of the celebs in the Fferm Ffactor Selebs final this Saturday (tomorrow) are Northern.

and yes, Rownd a Rownd is Northern :slight_smile:


I hadn’t paid attention to this. Maybe this is why subconsciously I felt there was something I like a bit more in the “new” Deian a Loli than in the “old” episodes? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Rownd a Rownd, Tuesday and Thursday evenings (and available for catch-up on Clic or iPlayer). Made in Menai Bridge - Porthaethwy, so quite close to Bangor, which it features from time to time.

There are some distinctly northern speakers on Radio Cymru, by the way, e.g. Dylan Iorwerth & Gari Wyn, if you like non-music programmes.

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sorry if this highjacks the thread, but I guess it’s subtitles related: is it only me that can’t get English subtitles on the second series of Y Gwyll?

I had given up watching it because I couldn’t get any subtitles - and on this type of programmes I really want to know what’s going on!

For some reason I had thought since there is the English version, they didn’t bother adding the subtitles.
But now I read your question I checked it again on click and noticed there’s written “Welsh and English subtitles available”. And testing it again I’ve realized they’re only missing in the first episode!

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I’ve noticed sometimes that subtitles (either English or Welsh) on “Rownd a Rownd” are missing. Occasionally, I’ve notified them and occasionally they’ve replied apologetically, and put them up. (However, these days, I don’t usually bother). But I’m surprised that this lapse occurs on a more high-profile production like “Y Gwyll”. Perhaps if someone notifies them, they will correct it. (Sorry, don’t have a link to hand).


Good idea. 've just sent a message now, let’s see what happens!


Thank you delawarejones

They answered me pretty quickly, telling the subtitles will be back for me soon. :slight_smile:


They can be very good like that!