Welsh punk: Yr Anhrefn

Who here is into old skool rock and metal ? The most famous Welsh punk band, Yr Anhrefn, with Rhedeg i Paris:

More about Yr Anhrefn: http://peel.wikia.com/wiki/Anhrefn


I like Anhrefn but Datblygu are the alpha and the omega of Welsh language music to my ears. Anhrefn put out a couple of Datblygu’s early records, chwarae teg.

Here’s the late, great John Peel introducing them on The Tube back in the day (you get a very brief snatch of Anhrefn too):


Can’t be real punk…they seem to know how to play their guitars… :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Thanks for these tracks.
It’s nice to show people that it’s not compulsory to like folk music if you live in Wales.


don’t forget about modern punk, pobl annwyl, breichiau hir have a fantastic EP on spotify, as do uumar!


Good to be reminded of how open John Peel was to new music, and how wide his tastes were.
And he had a unique way of combining a certain cynicism with optimism (there may be better ways of describing what I’m trying to say). He’s still much missed, obviously.


Llygod Ffyrnig for the 1st truly Welsh punk 45, and Twynau Coch, and Ail Symudiad

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