Welsh produce

Possibly the most important news to come out of Wales in a long time: http://www.iflscience.com/plants-and-animals/welsh-farmer-accidentally-creates-worlds-hottest-chili/

2,480,000 SHUs - amazing!


Not Welsh, but at least Celtic, I bought some goat’s cheese from Cornwall bore’ma in Waitrose.

Brand is Trevarrian Cornish Creamery, and it calls itself “Gevrik Goat’s Cheese”.

Catching a glimpse of a French goat’s cheese on the shelf, I was reminded of the French word, “Chèvre”.

I admit I had to look it up to remind myself that the Welsh was “gafr” (feminine)

From Merriam-Webster:

Origin and Etymology of chèvre
French, literally, goat, from Old French chievre, from Latin capra she-goat, from caper he-goat

So presumably the Welsh and the Cornish are also from that Latin origin.

But back to Welsh produce, I’m happy to say that there is at least one Welsh food item that I’m reliably able to buy in my local Waitrose (here in England): Rachel’s menyn organig (wedi halltu neu dihalen).

They usually also have halen from Ynys Môn.

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We buy Calon Wen milk and butter and my absolute favourite cheese is black bomber from Snowdonia. I’m trying to buy Welsh wherever I can (I want to and I figure it makes sense wrt food miles). I have even switched to a few Welsh skincare products :slight_smile:.


GPC seems to think that the Celtic word is a cousin to the Latin one rather than a descendant,

I had some of that today :slight_smile: They occasionally have a couple of Snowdonia cheeses in my local supermarket in Hamburg in Germany. I was well surprised when I saw “Cwmni Caws Eryri” on the label in a German supermarket!

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