Welsh learners meet up in Ireland - any interest?


I am new to SSIW and would really like to meet other learners and fluent speakers living in Ireland. I live outside Limerick in the midwest and can meet people in Tipperary, Kerry and Cork even Galway city interested in a paned a sgwrs neu cwrw a clonc.

Cofion cynnes,


Hello. I live in Clare and would be delighted to meet fellow learners of Welsh. I knew I couldn’t be the only one! Olive


Well, I can’t meet up, unfortunately, as currently dw i’n byw yn yr Unod Daleithiol . But I wish you pob lwc! A dw i ddim yn gwybod how much Gwyddeleg you have, but if it interests you, I am making some Cymraeg/Gaeilge resources, mostly on Quizlet for now.

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I started SSiW about 2 months ago, and I started Irish as a complete beginner about 2 years ago, so I’d be interested in Cymraeg/Gaeilge resources. (The only similar resource I’ve seen so far is Rhisiart Hincks’ Youtube channel where he has a series of ‘Breatnais do thosaitheoirí’/‘Welsh for beginners’ videos, which are introductory Welsh lessons taught through the medium of basic Irish. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBoNJF_ChmYPiOhc7JWds1g/videos

As for the meetups, I’m retiring to the west of Ireland, but not till next year, so if anyone’s still around and looking to do meetups then, I’d be interested!

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Go raibh maith agat Ceris. I see a Cwrs Llydaweg on that channel also!!
Here is the link to my An Ghaeilge/Y gymraeg quizlet folder: https://quizlet.com/GwenYGaeaf/folders/foghlaim-an-bhreatnais-dysgur-wyddeleg?i=4bbhnd&x=1xqY
And I also found a foclóir Gaeilge-Breatais / Geiriadur Cymraeg-Gwyddeleg a while back. https://parallel.cymru/joe-mitchell-creur-geiriadur-cymraeg-gwyddeleg-cyntaf/

Newyddion da Olive. Mae’n wych clywed gennych chi! Well would be really great to meet up somewhere for a coffee ? There are other learners but in places far from the midwest in places like Derry, Belfast, Dublin Fermanagh actually some in Connemara

Haia Ceris, There is a memrise course for learning Irish through the medium Welsh

Gwyddelig Trwy’r Gymraeg - Memrise

Also Rhisiart Hincks does an annual Celtic languages weekend course each April in the Urdd centre in Llangrannog can learn Breton Cornish through Wlesh and beginners and intermediate Iriish through Welsh

I organise an annual meetup each November at the Oireachtas na Gaeilge equivalent of the Eisteddfod for Irish speakers learning Wlesh


Haia Gwendolyn, that’s a great resource you have put together Wyt ti’n dysgu Cymraeg a Gwyddeleg?

GRMMA/Diolch yn fawr/Thanks very much, Gwendolyn. I will check those out.

GRMMA/Dioloch yn fawr for the info, Liam. I will give that Memrise course a go.

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Dw i’n siarad Gwyddeleg a dw i’n dysgu Cymraeg ar lein. I am away until early November but would be delighted to meet up with Liam and anyone else i siarad Cymraeg . I am happy to meet in Limerick…Bunratty…Galway or wherever suits. Fermanagh is a bit far this time! I will keep an eye on this thread and hopefully we can sort something for around 10th Nov on… Diolch yn fawr. A

S’mae pawb
I have been learning Cymraeg with SSIW just over a year and a half. Unfortunately haven’t had the chance to meet or speak to anyone in Cymraeg apart from friends on zoom or sesiwn Cymraeg with Nia. I live in Derry in the north of Ireland. I also have never been to Cymru, next year gobeithio. Athro Gwyddeleg dw i. So maybe we can arrange a zoom meeting from this post. And eventually a meeting in Ireland. Pob lwc pawb.
Ádh mór

Ardderchog Syniad iawn am Bunrattty neu Galway achos.dw i’n nabod tri siaradwyr/dysgwyr Cymraeg sy’n byw in Co.Galway hefyd

Wyt ti’n mynd i Oireachtas na Gaeilge eleni? Gobeithio bydd sgwrs a phaned Cymraeg yn digwydd ar dydd Sadwrn 5fed Tachwedd yn Gwesty Brehon am 11 ó;r gloch y bore’ma. Croeso i bawb!

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Hi, I live in Galway. Would be happy to meet up for a coffee sometime if anyone is in town. Taking an online Welsh course this Autumn/Winter after an intensive course in August. Can speak basic Irish and study Cornish.



Mae ddrwg gen I Liam, ond bydda I ddim yn fynd.
Is mise le meas

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Mi fydda i yn Killarney amser yr oireachtas felly mi fydda i’n mynd i’r cyfarfod yn y Brehon. Dw i’n edrych ymlaem at cyfarfod efo pobl sy’n siarad Cymraeg.

Newyddion ffantastig. Byddwn ni’n cyfarfod ym mar y Brehon am 12.30 yn y prynhawn am sgwrs a choffi

Hello! Dw i’n mynd i’r oireachtas a gobeithio cyfarfod a siarad Cymraeg.
Not sure if its 11.00 or 12.30 you decided on so if you can confirm that woukd be great. Otherwise i will check out the Brehon on Sat morning and hope for some sign of welsh meet up… I will carry a welsh book!

Haia Olive,

Byddwn yn cyfarfod am 12.30 y prynhawn mewn bar Gwesty Brehon dydd Sadwrn. Byddai’n gwisgo T-crysau Cymraeg. Wela i ti yno :wales: