Welsh Learners' Carol Service London, 4th December, 2017

On the 4th December at 7.00pm in the Moreia Welsh Chapel (five minutes from Leytonstone Central Line station) we are holding a carol service for Welsh learners’ and supporters that will be entirely in the Welsh language. However, the handout will have the full English translation so, if you have no Welsh or are fluent, everyone will understand what is going on. There will also be a chance to use your Welsh with others and afterwards there will be mince pies, mulled and normal wine. We are also fortunate to have two harp solos being played as part of the service. For more details visit useyourwelsh.cymru @Deborah-SSi


Gosh…Our daughter lived in Leytonstone for several years, and we had no idea there was a Welsh chapel in the area (although I don’t think I was learning Welsh in that period).

Quite a sad, but normal story. The Welsh chapel in adjoining Walthamstow became too small so they bought some land and built the Leytonstone chapel in 1957 to accommodate the crowds. They still own the chapel which is used for a variety of activities (non-Welsh) but the congregation now is very small. The minister, who looks after several churches, wanted an event in the chapel so that is why it is happening there.

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Surprised and delighted to see this notice. I shall be attending from Devon with my daughter.
My uncle T. Llewelyn Daniel was the architect who designed this chapel and his daughter Dilys painted the mural depicting Tales from the Mabinogion. Many years since I was there.:slight_smile:


That’s fantastic, both the history and you being able to be there. Look forward to seeing you.
The chapel is looking to redevelop the site so a good opportunity to speak to some on the team responsible as your insight should be useful.

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Just a gentle reminder for any learners in London that there is a Welsh learners’ carol service in Leytonstone on Monday 4th December. For more info go to useyourwelsh.cymru


Just bumping this up to remind people, as tomorrow’s weekly email will be too late. It’s on TONIGHT!

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Thanks Dee, it was a great event this evening with a mixed congregation of the fluent and learners. As seen in this thread the nephew of the architect of the chapel came with his daughter only because he had seen this item on SSIW. Hwyl.


We had a most enjoyable visit and it was good to be able to reminisce with peterallen and others. We had been intending to visit the Chapel as my daughter had been wanting to do so for some time having never seen it, and still remembers her great uncle Llew (the architect) from her childhood. It was especially good that our visit coincided with the carol service rather than just viewing the splendid architecture.