Welsh language podcasts

I’m looking for welsh language podcasts to download to listen to in the car. I usuallly only listen to Christian radio or my own cds (lots of welsh language Christian music in that mix but unsure how much help that is to my learning at this point).

I want to expose myself to lot to of welsh language but I don’t really want to listen to normal radio. Looking for Christian podcasts in welsh. Christian radio station (highly unlikely I know) or Christian bible to listen to. Anyone able to help? Or just podcasts that I can choose the topic of more easily.

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An old thread from last year.


Yes, that link is a great resource. The ones on there that might suit you could be the audio bible and also Caersalem Church amongst others. The Caersalem talks are very clear and some of them have notes to go with them, although they aren’t as comprehensive as Beca’s SSiW transcripts.

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I just asked last week if they were continuing the CaerSalem podcast. They said yes after Easter.
I enjoy this podcast too.

I also use Ap Beibl on iPhone. The BCND version is on this with New Testament in audio. The Old Testament audio can be found on Beibl.net version. Go to the website Beibl.net and each chapter plays via SoundCloud.

I hope its OK to tag along here, in the sense of general podcasts -
For anyone who likes to hear about 70s music - Nest Howells is Elin Flur’s mother, and an accomplished singer. Her interview starts at around 48 minutes (Just after Silver Machine :grimacing:)

I’ve only had chance to listen to a few minutes so far, but it seems OK for anyone who is currently using Beca’s Advanced content.

Edit: I’ve listened to most of it now. It really is worth listening to and relatively easy to follow if you’ve been around for a while.

The usual stuff about world wide Radio Cymru availability, or not, applies.

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