Welsh Language Music/ Cerddoriaeth Cymraeg

I remember on the old forum there was a huge fantastic catalogue/ database listing many many Welsh songs people were listening to.

Is that still going here. If not - may I start a new one here? :slight_smile: os gwelwch yn dda!

Learning a language through song is a great way of picking up new words for me!

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Diolch yn fawr!

They don’t call Wales ‘The Land of Song’ for nothing! Makes your heart overflow with pride.

(Still not sure if I am posting these correctly though?)

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Yes, the post works correctly with people able to click on the link, but this is quite an old thread. The one pointed to above by rickyfreeman is a better one to use as it’s very active. Just click on the blue title ‘Welsh Music Videos and Audio Files’ and it will take you there.