Welsh Language jokes

As I’ve pretty much exhausted my catalogue of English jokes (I haven’t really…I’ve loads),
I’m on the look out for welsh jokes.

Either all in Welsh (I’m thinking Toni Tori Boteli) or ones that are English puns using Welsh words.

As anyone who’s spent time with me can attest, I’m not bothered about quality, only quantity.

What do you call more than one Welshman? … Dai.

My wife asked me if I was having an affair with a woman from Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. I said “how can you say that?”

Two English tourists stopped for lunch in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch and said to the waitress “could you settle an argument for us? Can you pronounce where we are … Very slowly?”
The girl leabed over and said “Burr … Gurr … King!”


A man with a thick East European accent and a fur coat knocks on the door of a first floor flat. “Mr Jones?” he asks the man who comes to the door.
“Yes, that’s me”.
“It looks like snow in Moscow tonight”.
“Oh, you want Jones the spy …'es on the top floor byt”.

(sorry, that’s not really Welsh, but it makes me smile).

Doctor, doctor, dw i wedi llynci neidr!
Syt ti’n teimlo?

There’s more equally bad ones in these Ar Ben Ffordd books.

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I did ask!

Thanks, I’ll try them out

Shwmae Ian. You might be interested in getting Llyfr Jôcs Y Lolfa. I have no idea of the quality, but if it’s quantity you’re after, there are over 100 of them! :slight_smile:

pa anifail sy’n gorau wrth rhedeg ar hyd ffens? 'Wiwer bigog.

I had to look that one up, Siaron… :smile:

Sut mae gwneud i ddyn o Serbia chwerthin? Cosa fo.

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that was my favourite (and only!) joke entirely in Welsh - until I saw Kinetic’s one :smiley:

@Ian: I notice that Pobol Y Cwm at the moment has a couple of characters (Mark and, er, someone else), attempting to do a stand-up double act. Recent episodes have included parts of their oeuvre.

@Ian Blandford: You might possibly get some inspiration from this programme:

(not jokes as such, but humorous playing with words).

Gwyddonydd 1. Wyt ti isio clywed jôc am Sodiwm?
Gwyddonydd 2. Na
I heard this first in English, but it’s much more authentic in Welsh!:joy:
(Edited after I discovered the word for Gwyddonydd!:wink:)


K! :laughing:

I’m no comedic genius, but I just found out that мигли магалди (renderable in the latin alphabet as: migli magaldi) means ‘eyelashes’ in Bulgarian, and now I am frantically trying to come up with a joke about a Bugarian/Welsh interaction involving eyelashes and the song Migldi Magldi… maybe others can invent something?