Welsh in Wales

Although I live in Wales I’m close to the border so not much welsh is spoken out and about. We’ve just come back from a weeks camping in north west wales and I loved practicing speaking welsh. Before we went I decided I would speak some welsh in every shop I went in to. It was pretty scary to start off with but all the people I encountered were so friendly and helpful. And lots of them assumed I was a full on welsh speaker - which I took as a HUGE compliment. It boosted my confidence no end and prepped me to move forward after falling a week behind on camp!!
I don’t know if this is what the forum is for but I wanted to share my enthusiasm!! :grin:


This is exactly what is this forum for and I’m extreamly happy for you! Good job and carry on!

Tatjana :slight_smile:


Hey, llongyfarchiadau! Hearing stories like yours helps everyone. :heart:


:+1: :+1: :sunny: :sunny: :star:

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This is EXACTLY what the forum is for! If we could only bottle that feeling!


Where exactly “ar y ffin” / on the border - do you hail from holly?

We are going to St Dogmaels for five days next week and, like you, I’m hoping to try out our Welsh in the shops too. although we are in Swansea and one of our neighbours speaks Welsh, the shops round here don’t offer much opportunity. I like your idea of setting a challenge of speaking in every one and I shall try and achieve what you did…

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I planned to do this at the Eisteddfod in Cardiff last year but sort of bottled it but it went like this…

Peint o lager os gwelwch yn dda
Pum punt plis

Scurried off…



Flintshire- between Caer and Wrecsam.

I hope your experience is a positive one too!! Everyone tried to speak to me more and that’s when I’d use some of my newer phrases “I can’t remember/I’m not sure/I’m just started learning” or switch into English.
My favourite experience was when I asked for a box of matches and the man said to me ‘mawr neu bach’ to which I looked puzzled and said “yn Saesneg” and he replied “na” and showed me with gestures that he meant big or small. I thanked him for pushing me a little out of my comfort zone in a friendly and patient way.


:rofl::rofl: better than nothing though!!

I agree. Its the courage to say the first sentence that’s needed.

I could gave managed the ‘mawr neu bach’ but I couldn’t have done the box of matches in the first place. :grin: What a good response from him. I’d better work on translating my shopping vocabulary, as you’ve definitely inspired me.

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St. Dogs is right on the Ceredigion/Carmarthenshire border and as such, you’ll find countless opportunities to speak Welsh there! Not far from Aberteifi, Llandysul and Castell Newydd Emlyn as well if you want to get out a bit further and practice!

Gallet ti ymuno grŵp dysgwr Cymraeg yma a siarad Cymraeg bob dydd :relieved:

You can join a welsh learners group here and speak Welsh every day :relieved:

Literally speak, or write messages? (asking, since you mention it, because I can’t write, at the moment, so at least I know!)

p.s. @Nicky I was looking for places on the coast, not too far from Aberteifi, good for practicing Welsh next time around. Definitely adding to my list Saint Dog Meals! :rofl: (that’s how I had read it first)

Thanks all, especially Nicky, who has been an added inspiration in my learning with the Youtube videos. I’ll report back on how well or badly I do:crazy_face:. I shall also check out the link, thanks.

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Sorry not speak but write messages… you’re welcome to join to have a look if you want. You may surprise yourself and even join in :relieved:emphasized text

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Thanks, I’ll have look at it! (Although since learning to speak, understand, read and write at the same time is too much for me I might decide to join later, but at least I already know where to find it!) :slight_smile:

Ti’n croeso pan ti’n barod :slight_smile:

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If you’re there on a Friday morning, pop into the Fisherman’s Rest cafe in Aberteifi between 11am and 12. There’s a friendly, enthusiastic group of Welsh learners and speakers who meet there every week and they always make SSiWers very welcome.