Welsh in Wales

We are there on Friday, and I’ve found it on the map, so hopefully we will be there. Thanks for suggesting it.


Have you heard of Saith Seren in Wrexham? There’s a Grwp Sgwrsio there every Monday night which is well attended by welsh speakers of all levels. you would be very welcome there I know.


I haven’t, thanks for letting me know!!

I’m very surprised that no-one else has mentioned it. Enjoy.

Mae hwn yn wych!! :relieved:

oh hyfryd/lovely … that area used to be either called “powys fadog” … “maelor” … or “tegeingl” (see link below) … but I cant tell in which…as Caer to Wrecsam is still too vague to pinpoint :slight_smile:

Well I can identify with the bottling out. I went to the Llanrwst Eisteddfod the other week. I spoke to a few in Welsh for a sentence or two, but my future colleagues I met there were all fluent or native speakers and trying to break in at their speed was beyond me.
No escape from next Monday. We’re moving to Abergele and I start work as soon as our furniture arrives from NZ. I’ve just finished level 3. I chair my first meeting in Welsh in a couple of weeks. Thanks SSIW. You’ve been a fantastic way in to the language.


That is absolutely brilliant. If only Warren Gatland had had your attitude!

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Yeah the way it worked for me was when I stopped trying too hard. I think that being tense tended to just make matters worse.
Trying to be more relaxedApart from that, it takes a while for your ear to tune into a local accent. Even in English - try understanding my inlaws :grimacing:

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