Welsh Café in Corwen

When I was travelling in north Wales with my parents last week we stayed overnight in a place called Corwen. The B&B was run by English-speaking hosts and we seemed to hear mostly English in the street, but in the morning we went into a little café called Caffi Treferwyn in Stryd y Bont, the main street. As soon as we walked in the door we could hear Welsh. A large group of men were sitting having what looked like some kind of committee meeting and chatting away in Welsh. Other customers came in and they also spoke Welsh with the very friendly woman behind the counter. There was a stand selling Welsh greetings cards and it was like stepping into another world.
I spoke to the woman running the place for a while and they are very keen to help learners. They are open from 9 to 4 on Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri, 9 to 2.30 on Weds, and 9 to 3.30 on Saturday. If anyone is in the area it’s well worth a detour and a visit - simple, basic food but a great opportunity to practise your Welsh, not just with the staff but with the friendly customers as well.


I’ve always been impressed by the Owain Glyndwr statue prominent in the centre of Corwen. Glyndwr was born in Corwen…



Thanks Dee, we drive through Corwen regularly. I now have a reason to stop more often but sshhh, don’t tell the family!

As a slight aside, Corwen is now at the end of the newly extended Rheilffordd Llangollen. Well worth the journey as the scenery is stunning. Corwen is hoping for a big increase in visitors this year.

If you have ever avoided Llangollen due to the notoriously bad parking situation it is now possible to park in the large Car Park in Corwen and travel by steam train to Llangollen. Just thought I would give that a plug… when I last drove through Corwen seemed quite busy so fingers crossed for them!


Journey by steam train vs. driving around and round fruitlessly looking for a parking space - no contest! :slight_smile:


We went from Llangollen to Corwen last week on the train and you are correct, great scenery but I already know that, I travel that way very often. There is a lot of welsh spoken on the street in Corwen and when we were there I managed a welsh conversation in the spar shop, in the bank, in the kid’s playground, by the cash machine and by the bus stop. They don’t speak welsh in Yum Yums but they serve great pancakes and they now have an SSiW card. :blush:

I don’t think Corwen is ready for all these extra tourists yet. There is almost nothing to do there.


…and if you look left as you travel from Corwen towards Carrog you will see the house I grew up in on the left above the River Dee. Happy times!!
Lovely walks around Corwen & Carrog & great flora & fauna too. Pippa


Corwen is a pretty Welsh place and has its own local town flavour, while Llangollen is a touristy Cosmo place.
Both worth a visit. Corwen better for Welsh learners.


Just noticed your post. I like Caffi Tryweryn too. The first time I went there was in the 80’s and I bought my first Roc Cymreig Cassette there ( Cadw reieat) , The cafe people are very friendly and the food is great too. I pop in most times on my way home. The Church is worth a visit and there are a couple of good walks.


Hi John, not like you to be dropping into cafes… :wink:

i have been known to drop in … unannounced lol, Looking forward to seeing you at the bootcamp in July ( hope no head aches this time lol)

Guess where i am :slight_smile: