Welcome to the new forum!

Thank you very much for testing this final pre-live stage…:slight_smile:

Helo! Dyma fy post cyntaf erioed i ar y fforwm newydd! Dw i’n disgwyl ymlaen at weld be’ sy’n mynd i fod yn wahanol. Tan toc!
ô.n. Ti’n croeso iawn i ddileu hyn - mae’n ‘test post’.

Braf iawn dy weld di yma, Jonathan :slight_smile:

Logged in heb problem. Gwych!

Diolch Sums!

Gwaith gwych, Ifan :seren:

I was SO hoping to be the first to post on the new forum (where are the smileys?) so I’m off to swallow a donkey right now ( and don’t think I couldn’t)
Seriously - great work guys especially Ifan - Llongyfarchaiadau ((draig goch smiley banging a drum))

Looks great on my android phone :-D.

Do we get a preview button? I always found the preview button reassuring :slight_smile:

(edit: and how come i’m ‘Steve Burrow’? What happened to my alter ego ‘catflap’?)

Steve: your account doesn’t seem to be one of the ones that was imported from the old forum, which probably means you signed up on ‘the new site’ more recently than when we went live with it. So it’s using whatever name you typed in when you registered for this site.

You can change it easily, though - just go to the menu in the corner, and ‘Account settings’. :slight_smile:

Will this forum have a way to easily jump to new messages like the old forum?

If you mean the ‘show new topics’ feature - yeah, the list on the left is automatically sorted in order of most recent posts, so just scroll to the top and the newest stuff is always there.

Very shiny and new. I like it!

Just checked my account settings to change my name back to “Catflap”. That worked fine, but I just noticed that the “about” section of my profile shows the text that I added in to my ffrindiaith account (rather than a general “who I am” type text), and it shows my full address from my ffrindiaith account in the location section as well - have just changed that!

Not sure if that was the intended functionality, but it was a bit unexpected :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve been intending to separate ffrinDiaith and general profile text.

However, very good point on the address thingy. I’ll hide that right away! Until this new version, there was no publicly-viewable profile page, but now there is, so it’s a privacy issue. Great spot.

Nice work, Ifan and Aran. First order of business: get those cute custom emoticons carried over. There’s nothing nicer than getting a little dragon giving you a star.

Oh and good job on the responsive design. It scales very sensibly!

good job on the responsive design

Diolch o galon, Simon. People noticing this and appreciating it makes me happy. :star:

The new site is very user friendly, it just needs cheering up a bit :slight_smile:

Will there be an all-encompassing search engine to search through old posts when they disappear? I fear it might be difficult to find what you’re looking for without categories, especially if old threads disappear from view.

At the moment, old threads don’t disappear. And the little search thingy above the threads list searches through all threads. :slight_smile:

Unlike on phpBB, it’s worth using search here…:slight_smile: :yay-to-Ifan: