"We would like" "We will like"

Is “bydden ni’n licio” the same thing as “byddwn ni’n licio” ? Is the first one, “We would like” and the second one “We will like?” Not sure if I’m hearing bydden or byddwn or sometimes, byddan?


bydden = we would
byddwn = I would

BUT!! In spoken Welsh they can sound very similar, especially at speed! Sometimes they will both sound like bydden, sometimes they can both sound like byddan. In those situations, it’s a case of going by context for what you hear!

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Thank you!!

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hmmm, my challenge #4 last week suggested ‘hoffen i’ for I would like, e.g. hoffen i siarad Cymraeg gyda ti

Yes, hoffwn i is I would like - colloquially it sounds/spells as hoffen.
So you can say the long version - byddwn i’n hoffi - or the short version - hoffwn i.

diolch, Siaron

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