Want to learn how to form cynghanedd?

Are you interested in learning how to form cynghanedd? The first lesson will be held on September 16, 19hrs at the Quins Club, Carmarthen.
A good foundation in Welsh is necessary.

Moyn dysgu cynganeddu dan arweiniad Tudur Dylan Jones? Tymor cynta am ddim i ddysgwyr. Medi 16, 7 y.h. Clwb y Quins #YsgolFarddolCaerfyrddin


Gwych! Ydw, fi!!
I’ve looked up where it is

Quins Clubhouse, Carmarthen, SA31 3AX

and I’ll be there!


I remember talking to Tudur and him looking totally bemused and lost at my conversation…Until I suddenly blurted out - “Oh! Your not, Ifor ap Glyn?” I gringe everytime I hear his name or him speak. Very nice man though…


This sounds fantastic. I wish I lived closer… sigh

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I wouldn’t be able to come in any case, as I live too far away, and I doubt if my Welsh is good enough, but say I wanted to learn it in the distant future (perhaps from a book if there are suitable books): when they say “A good foundation in Welsh is necessary”, do they mean a good foundation in formal written Welsh?

Hi, I would recommend Singing in Chains: Listening to Welsh Verse Paperback – 1 Nov 2004
by Mererid Hopwood.

The instruction will be through the medium of Welsh, so a good foundation in both spoken and written Welsh is recommended.
I’ve recently completed my AS level in Welsh Second Language, so I’m getting to a point where I feel more comfortable with the grammar and structures. I’m hopeful that this course will improve and expand my vocabulary.


Clywed Cynghanedd cwrs cerdd dafod by Myrddin ap Dafydd is also available.

It is probably best to start with Singing in Chains, as the book is accompanied by a CD on which the author reads a selection of the examples, exercises, lines and poems included in the book, so that the music of cynghanedd can truly be ‘heard’.

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It’s on tonight!! Who’s going?

I went last night and it was brilliant! I thought I might be out of my depth when the majority were first language Welsh speakers with a much wider vocabulary than me, but I understood pretty much everything the tutor said and he was great. He explained everything really well, and I was so excited that I produced my first ever Welsh poetry. Ok, it was only single lines to practise different patterns, but I was happy and the tutor liked them, so it was a very successful evening.

It will be on every fortnight in the Quin’s Rugby Club, Carmarthen. There are two groups - one for absolute beginners like me, and one for those who are continuing on from last year. They will be starting at 7pm with some discussion over things they have written and our group is able to listen in if we want to. Then our session starts at 7:30pm in a separate room.

It’s a great opportunity if you want to push your Welsh to the next level.


Wyt ti’n meddwl bod ni’n gallu ymuno wythnos nesa? Dyn ni wedi darllen llyfr Mererid felly mae’n bosib gallen ni dopi? Couldn’t make the first sessions. Do you think anyone will mind?

Wasn’t sure about the topi (cope) and when I looked it up on GPC it suggested snooze as an alternative - oops.


Hi Pete,

I’m sure it will be fine. We’ve only just got started and if you’ve read the book you’ll be ahead of some people anyway. Everyone just works at their own speed, and sometimes we work in pairs so it’s good experience to learn from others.

See you there!

Hi Dee: What book are you referring to? (Sorry if you’ve already mentioned it!).

Diolch o flaen llaw.

Mererid wrote ‘Cynghanedd i Blant’ which as the title suggests is aimed at children, but is great for getting a basic understanding of what it is all about.