Want to hear yourself when you speak to your Skype partner(s) or recording your own voice?

I found this interesting posting on forum.language-learners.org:


Now, the original poster is writing about using a rather expensive microphone called a Blue Yeti. It’s actually a USB microphone and effectively replaces the sound-card in your computer. As well as acting as a high quality microphone, you can plug your earphones or headphones into it, and hear how you actually sound. I had a job to understand how it worked at first, but now I think I get it, and it seems quite a good idea.

Note that a poster lower down mentions a cheaper alternative made by Samsung, and reading the reviews on Aaon, it might even be a better option. (I’m thinking seriously about it).

As well as for Skype, it could also be good if you are recording your voice for any reason.

(for the record, I have no connection with those or any other microphone maker, and in addition, no animals were harmed in the making of this post, except for my cat whose tail I accidentally trod on…[only joking, allthough it has been known…])


I’m always in search for some sound effects … :slight_smile:

And I know my voice sounds aweful! :slight_smile: - hehe