Wales online article: what Welsh people do when they're not in Wales

26 things Welsh people do when they’re not in Wales from Wales online:

Just spotted this (though the page was updated 27th November). Found some of the descriptions a teeny bit condescending but I suppose it’s something, particularly the brief reference to Welsh societies - something that I picked on in my comment which includes a brief SSIW promotion! I’d be interested to know what other people think.


Most things look so very much like something any person who’s homesick would do. When I lived in Italy, I felt an overwhelming desire to wrap myself in Russian flags, listen to Russian rock and flavour everything with sour cream:)
The map of Wales according to the call-centre people is brilliant)

My daughter was smitten with an urge to watch lots of Gavin and Stacy episodes online when she moved away after a year of living in Cardiff. Oh yes, I suspect she WILL be back!

I don’t think these are really condescending. It’s just an example of the ability of the Welsh to laugh at themselves a bit isn’t it?. Like those “you know you’re from the Valleys when …etc” lists. There are quite a few of these online aren’t there? They always make me laugh, and (I hope) not in a condescending way.

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Diolch yn fawr iawn! :star: :star2: