Volunteer '5 Minute' Listeners

Hello , I’m on level 1 challenge 21 and would like a partner to listen/swap practice sentences with.:slightly_smiling_face:

I am at essentially the same place and also looking for a speaking partner. What is the best way to find one?

@meriel-jones If you click on Gwyn’s name above, you’ll be able to send him a message and you can work out a suitable time between you. Then you decide what you’re going to use - Zoom, Messenger, Skype etc

Hi, I’m on lesson 19 level one and I need some poor, long suffering martyr to endure my five minutes of Welsh speaking. If anyone is willing to help please get in touch with me

Ann … I’m on lesson 20. I’m doing Northern dialect. I’m willing to join you and we can listen to each other.

Ignore me … I forgot it needs to be azwelsh speaker!

Thank you for the good intentions anyway Julie, I hope we both find someone.

I should be grateful for a partner to help me with Level 1 Challenges 19 & 21 please. This requires listening to my sentences and then swapping sentences. Any volunteers?

Yes i would like to try my welsh speaking with a more proficient Welsh speaker. Current completing mynediad level 2 with dysgu cymraeg as well as using the excellent SSi Welsh.

Mike I just got onto challenge 21 this morning. I’ll do the sentence listening exercise with you. I’m doing Northern though. Not sure if we need to be doing the same dialect …

Bore da Julie. Thanks for the kind offer but I am doing Southern so I rather suspect that may not work.
Regards Mike
Volunteer '5 Minute' Listeners

Bore da Mike, dysgwr De Cymru dw i. Wyt ti’n moyn ymarfer gyda fi?
Good morning Mike, I am a South Wales learner. Do you want to practice with me? Dw i dechrau dosbarth dau deg un y penwythnos 'ma. I am starting lesson 21 this week.

Just saw this, am willing to listen. PM me or reply.Thanks!

Good morning. I’m on level 1, challenge 19 (North) and I’m looking for a listening partner. Thanks

Hi @julie-38. I see you posted this a few weeks ago - did you manage to find a listening partner? I’m just working my way through challenge 19 and I’m looking for one and would be happy to chat with you if you’d like

I did Luis, but not on here, I suddenly realised that zoom terrifies me so I asked on my local community Facebook page and found out a neighbour speaks Welsh so we’ve had a chat face to face most days. If you don’t find someone let me know and ill try and overcome my camera phobia. Good luck


Thanks, @julie-38. I’ll keep looking, but I may come back to you if I can’t find anyone. I’m not a massive fan of Zoom either so maybe we could do a phone call if it comes to it. Anyway, thanks for coming back to me

I’m on challenge 19 and I’m looking for a listening partner. Diolch.

Hello Mike. I’m on level 19 Southern and am looking for a listening partner. Your message was posted a while back so you may have moved beyond this by now. But if you’re still looking perhaps we can work something out. Thanks.

Bore da Luis
Your post was some time ago now, but I am looking for a partner on zoom to practice with, I am on Level 21. my email glynnhughes2002@yahoo.co.uk