Volunteer '5 Minute' Listeners

Hi Christine,

I’m really confused by technology, but I’m also on level 21/22 and I haven’t yet earned my pink badge or swapped 5 min practice. I’m in Cymru, but I’m sure we could find a time that fits for both of us. I haven’t used Slack before, but I’m willing to give it a go…or failing that we could try on Zoom. Let me know if you found someone to swap with already though.


Hi, I’m also looking for someone but I’m away now for three weeks so it would have to be mid September. Tegwen, we’re on the same level so might work?

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Sounds good to me Jane. I don’t mind waiting. I have stopped beating myself up about falling behind and am trundling along quite nicely. I’ll continue to practice my sentences and we can pick up in a few weeks. Thanks for getting in touch. Let me know when you are ready and we can arrange to zoom or phone. Whatever you like.

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Sounds good. BTW I am not very good at all and my accent is dreadful so feel free to reconsider if someone comes along in the meantime.

I had to laugh at this Jane! We sound like a perfect match. Perhaps we can boost one and other’s confidence :grin: Look forward to meeting you.

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I’m on Level 2 week 12, and still haven’t found a speaking partner! I’m from Massachusetts, but I have pretty flexible hours. Back decades ago (I’m 62) in school when I took languages I was as shy as anyone about speaking, and that doesn’t seem to have changed!

Perhaps there is someone here who shares my interests in nature and literature.


@judy-hawkins are you a member of the Welsh Speaking Practice Slack group? There is a channel there especially for people in the American time zones, so you may have more luck trying there :slight_smile:
If you need an invitation to join, send an email to admin@saysomethingin.com with WSP as the subject

Hi Judy. Looks like I’m a way behind you! Only half way through level one. So I’m not sure that I would be the right person to hook up with. It sounds like Deborah may be able to help though I hope you find someone to chat with soon. If you are completely stuck I’m happy to give it a go sometime. Best wishes Teg

Hi, Tegwen –

My apologies for not getting back to you sooner! Would you still like to try swapping sentences? I would be happy to review the early stages! My real need is just someone who is also speaking Welsh.

If you are still interested, we could try and find a congenial schedule!


Hi agin Judy!I’m happy to give it a go if you would like to. I’m not sure what I will have to offer as I’m not on your level, but we can try it. I have already arranged to chat with someone else. I’m waiting to hear from her. I don’t want to commit to too much until I have that sorted. I have health issues and don’t want to push too hard. Maybe a couple of times a month and see how we go?? With the time difference I was thinking mid morning for you, afternoon for me? Let me know what you think. Best wishes, Teg

Hi all - I am on week 20 at the moment, looking for someone to swap 5 minute sentences with :slight_smile: I’m in the UK, so BST timezone.

Edit: Another student has kindly volunteered to listen for me!

I’m now volunteering to listen to others’ sentences. Feel free to send a message here or on Slack (where I have the same name)!

Hi! I’m afraid I’m quite a bit behind the curve. I need a listening partner, but I’m VERY behind on the listening assignments. I’m on week 38 of the recorded lessons, but with the listening/speaking assignments I’m only on week 20.
For a good long while I had thought the recorded lessons were all I had to do, and I’ve been playing catch-up since I realized the listening/speaking assignments were there.
Not sure if I’d be in a different situation when it comes to meeting up with a partner, given my situation? Kind of hoping for some pointers here.

Williams volunteering

Level 1 16-20. Is there a partner please

Prawn da! Sut wyt ti? Dw i’n dysgu siarad Cymraeg. Dw i’ byw yn Dyfnaint ond dw i’n dod o Wrecsam Dw i ‘di bod yn dysgu Cymraeg am tia mis. Dw i’n synnu at faint medra i ddeud yn barod.

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Dw i newydd ddechrau dysgu Cymraeg. Dw i’n moin siarad cymraeg gyda rhywun. Diolch yn fawr!

Hello my name is Thane and I am here because I need someone to suffer my 5 minute sentences at some point… Is anyone out there? :smiley:

Should have mentioned I am in England on GMT

Perhaps you, @thane, and @amanda-marty could get in touch and organise a 1:1 session?

Sounds great by me @Deborah-SSi. I am struggling to find anyone tbh I am happy to give it a go if you are @amanda-marty

Hi Thane,

Not sure how we go on from here? Should we exchange email addresses?

Look forward to hearing from you,