Virtual choir opportunity for SSiWers

I’m sure you’ve all seen the amazing videos being posted in social media of choirs and orchestras in the last couple of weeks. Wouldn’t it be amazing if our wonderful community of welsh learners (and speakers!) could do something like that? If you are interested in helping me with this project please get in touch because I would love to make a recording of the welsh hymn Dyma Gariad with people from SSiW.

All you need is:

  • a recording device, eg your phone
  • ear phones/buds so you can be listening to the backing track but only record your voice
  • a reasonably in tune voice. You don’t have to be an outstanding singer because with plenty of people no-one’s voice will stand out.

If you can harmonise that would be brilliant so do let me know if you sing in a choir or if you are used to singing harmonies.

Please have a listen to the song and let me know if you think you’d like to join in. I can send you words, music if you want it and instructions on how to make it work.

I’d like to do this over the next few weeks if possible so if you want to do it let me know asap.

I’ve attached a sound cloud version of my very simple arrangement for voice and piano, including harmonies.

Let’s have some fun!


I would love to be part of this. I can sing melody or harmony. I would need the words in front of me.


Yes of course. Sorry, I forgot to say I would send everyone the words.


Would love to be a part of this! I sung in my home church choir before I moved away for college, mostly soprano, but I can do Alto if that’s needed more.


I’d love to be a part of this please Ceri. I’ve sung alto in a choir. xx


Great, I can’t say which will be needed more at the moment so how about record both if you have time?

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That’s great. Thank you.

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Fi hefyd, @ceri-francis mam bendigedig i ni! Wow! Mewn côr efo / ‘da @aliC Wrth fy mod ydw i!


Gwych Lorna! :blush:

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This sounds brilliant! One for the newsletter @CatrinLliarJones :slight_smile:

And count me in! I usually sing soprano in our local choir.


I would be interested. I haven’t sung in a choir for years, but this sound like a lovely project. Soprano normally, but if the music for the harmony is available, I can sing that if you need more altos.

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Helo Ceri would love to join in,thanks for arranging Bob Hwyl

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Great. Thanks Robert.

Yes, I will make some music. Thank you.


Helo Ceri I have listened to your recording on cloud,how can I download just the piano accompaniant only,want to download to mp3 player,can hefryd

I’d love to join in, Ceri.

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I can post just the piano for you Robert. Please don’t use that when recording your voice for me though.

Great :blush:

Hi everyone,

I made a video explaining how to do the recording. I’ve said you need two devices (one to play the backing track using headphones and another to record on). I don’t actually know if it’s possible to play and record on the same device at the same time, while making sure only your voice records. If someone thinks there is a way please say. However, I’m assuming you need two devices. I’ll post the backing tracks to use wile recording and the the music and Nia speaking out the words shortly. Please don’t use the soundcloud file. I’ll share the main tune first. You can all have a go on that if you want. Then if you want to try any of the other parts too that is fine.

@nia.llywelyn - should I put me email address here for people to send me the recordings or is it possible to do that with direct messages in slack or somehow?

This is the video explaining what you need to do:

@ken @hannahtrower @aliC @lornarhodes @Deborah-SSi @margarethall @robertwestacott @lovefibre


Interested…alto I think :slight_smile: or bass lol not sure def not soprano