"Video Stars" team presents

Well, you’ve probably all seen Geraint’s Webbed Phalanges video created by @TroyHughes one of the “Video Stars” team members and you just have to admit he did fantastic work.

But the team is not resting on what’s already been made but has created another, this time more “sirious” and informative video which was published aproximately a week ago and should make people aware of SSi and give them a taste of SSi learning method. Take a look and spread the word.


Hugely grateful to the Video Team for this brilliant work… :sunny: :thumbsup: :star: :star2:

We’re going to be putting at least the first 30 minutes (for this and for Spanish) up on YouTube, and see what kind of response we get… maybe more if it seems like a good idea, although video-fying the entire course is probably a bit out of reach…

In a long term, maybe …

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The video is well done and very professional - da iawn to everyone who put it together! (I

I tried to make myself say “isio” while I watched it but I had to fight back the “moyn” :smile: It’s the power of SSIW - I don’t have too much trouble typing “eisiau” when I do Duolingo, but if I’m speaking, it’s “moyn” all the way!

I’m hesitant to post this, but I’m just wondering…I understand that being on YouTube is a great way to advertise and spread the word, and as a huge fan, I’m all for that, but SSi has always encouraged the audio nature of the course, and recommended not looking at spellings so that one can develop a good accent. @aran, I’m just interested in your thoughts about how the video fits into that, especially since you mentioned a possibility of “video-fying the entire course”. I am not criticizing anything or trying to open any cans of worms, just curious!


That’s why I’ve said somewhere else on here that it should be mentioned in the video itself that this i audio course or at least it should be put into description since people might have wrong asumptions that this is video course though. As I said I don’t recall this being mentioned anywhere in the video.

After “arguing” with @aran at the beginning of the course by many people how the course should have “written and visoual part” we at one point all start to love “audio bit” so much we wouldn’t change it for anything else (at least I’m at that point now and I was the biggest annoyance of all at the beginning. :slight_smile: ).


Yes, it’s an uncomfortable compromise - but it seems to be one that we have little choice but to make. I hadn’t thought about emphasising in the video that the course itself is audio, so that’s a very good point (diolch Tatjana!). I sleep at nights by telling myself that the key issue for accent is all the extra listening you do, and at least not seeing the words until after you’ve tried to say them - but I will certainly continue to recommend that our existing learners stick with the audio material!

In fact, maybe that’s something we can add to the video description as well… diolch… :sunny:


:slight_smile: (on not too serious point) I hear you talking when you sleep. :slight_smile:

Now I know from where my stubbornity came from when comming here. I just didn’t want to accept that. …

It is good though that you can see the word after you try to speak it because of consistency of it. It can be actually two separate things and not one word and when at aome “grammar” point this structure is splited into parts you look puzzled from where this comes now. The good example of this is “ar ôl” for example (I can’t remember any other from my head right now). That’s why I’ve suggested such guides and little exercises maybe rather then written course if we’re going into this one day.

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I tried to find this thread, failed and started a new one, in which I posted:
I, at first, thought it would not help those who want to see the sounds being formed and would need a close-up of the actual real-life speakers! However, after about 10 seconds, I realised the spellings would show that 'dd; is not ‘f’ and, in later lessons, having the sentence written down would remove that terrible pressure on failing memories!!
My overall reaction was:

  1. Love it!
  2. Why didn’t I go with Gogledd from the word go? Never mind isio and ‘o’ for ‘he’, @aran says everything the way I do naturally!! (This comment is obviously totally personal from a mixed up gog/de hybrid!!)
    If any of you can delete my unnecessary topic ‘SSiW video’, please do!!
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No need - we’re not obsessive about keeping everything in one place :slight_smile:

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I have only just got round to looking at this, and I must agree with everyone that it’s extremely good looking and professional.

I’m just wondering why you felt the need to make it though.

Have you changed your minds about the value of only listening in the beginning?
Because over time, I have become more and more convinced that listening without visual distractions really is quite important.

Of course, there are times when one is not clear about what one has heard (and I have hearing problems, so I know this as well as anyone). But there was always a course guide to fall back on.

I know that @AnnaC already raised this, and this was the relevant part of @Aran 's response:

@Aran, you didn’t quite explain why you felt you had little choice but to make that compromise.

Thank you to all in the name of the whole team. We’re doing our best as always. :slight_smile:

Sorry, posted on SSIW thread so reposted here.

@aran. I really the look of the video. It is amazingly professional. Well done everybody. :smiley: :smiley:

I am not sure I could learn from it though.

When I started SSIW I was sceptical because I felt I learned much more visually. However, several years into the process I no longer feel like that. I feel that listening, even though it was excruciatingly difficult to start with, was the key to getting me to learn.

When I tried the video I kept looking at the pictures and forgetting what I was being asked to repeat. Several times I found myself thinking about the pictures and wondering about their back stories and whether they were being being repeated which is definitely not the aim of the video!

So, sorry, not really for me, listening only is my preference.

That said, it may work wonders for everyone else as we are all different. Sorry if this comes across negatively, not my intention. :smile:

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If you wondered about that then you really “observed” pictures close, even too close as they really do repeat with the repeated phrase. If you’d watch video one more time you’d see that with the every same phrase the picture is the same. The aim was that exactly the same picture goes with exactly the same “text” so that one can remember the phrase more easily. I wonder if this aim was actually acheaved. Even the position of the picture was preserved with repetition so the slide is exactly the same each time the same structure is repeated. The pictures were very carefully selected to really represent the phrase or word as close as they can. Hope that aim was fulfilled aswell.

I, going through a video, for example still am more listening then watching and immediately after @aran says the phrase in English I pull the Cymraeg out of my brains and say it being it in my thoughts or loudly.

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@tatjana Yes, I did notice that the picture matched the phrase and I can see how it would all work. I have only watched once and remember, for eg, the picture of the baby and computer for the word dysgu so you aim was definitely achieved!

But, I kept looking at the pictures and concentrating on the them rather than listening to what was being said.

It could just be that I am now ‘too trained’ to learn by watching and listening.

It really was extremely good, but I am not sure I could change the learning habit now. Please don’t take the comments as criticism, rather just how the video feels to me. It is a hugely impressive feat to produce something so professional! :smiley:

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I know exactly what you mean so … paid becso. Everything just as it should be. As I said, I don’t watch much either. If I once complained that I just have to read now it’s all different. And I actually believe this set of videos is more aimed to introduce the course and how it works then the one of really teaching the crowds the language. We have to be present on the net in order the people hear and know about us so it’s maybe really good idea to mention that this is actually audio course so that people would know what they will find on the site when comming here. But (as always) it’s only the suggestion.

Yup, @aran, you’ve trained us well to rather listen not watch, now we’re deep into that. :smile: :smile: :smile:

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I love the video. As I’m a visual learner I made immediate connections with the words and pictures. The toddler wanting something is so typical of those sweet things. My toddler grandchildren are always wanting something so I connected with isio straight away. I have learned moyn and couldn’t get isio to stick when talking to my northern speaking friend. Now I have it and won’t forget it because of that baby picture. The pictures and vocab were cleverly matched. So, I think there is a lot to say for both methods. As I am welsh and already have a southern accent seeing the vocab is helpful to me as I already know how to read welsh correctly. I also love the gentle music which is very calming and relaxing. Also I think the excellently produced video lends an air of professionalism to SSIW. Crossing modalities is a good thing as learning in different ways helps to reinforce the information. (this is teacher talk but true from my teaching experience. I found that allowing students to learn in their preferred way was beneficial). Great work by all involved. Lastly, I think this is a great hook to use on YouTube to catch the attention of people like me who are looking for a way to learn welsh. I would have definitely followed up that video.

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Great insight. I believe I can speak for the whole team that we’re happy to hear/read such high opinions. Not long until next video is out, I believe. :slight_smile:

Thank you all once again

Oh dear! I am clearly a hopeless case.
I read.
I hardly noticed the pictures. If anything I found them distracting! I did think that @aran’s face making the sounds so people like @Matilda could see the sounds being formed might be better, but that was as far as I thought about pics. I just read the words and thought how useful it would be in later Challenges with long sentences!!!
I did like the vids, but plain words on a plain background would, to be honest, have been fine for me!!

Oh, sorry - it’s all about trying to increase our traffic -> increase our learner numbers - and YouTube can generate a lot of traffic.

But this is only about reaching out to YouTube users - people already using the audio files are, without doubt, on the better system, and we’ll be encouraging YouTube learners to move over to audio with the rest of us… :slight_smile:

Oh, gosh, I very much wouldn’t want any of our existing users to switch away from the audio! These are a tool to try and attract new learners who are currently in a ‘visual’ mindset - think of them as a set of fishing hooks! Definitely not something existing learners should be switching too!

Thanks for the comment - that would actually be much faster for us to do, so maybe worth testing… :slight_smile:


Hey, I might know someone who would probably love to do a series of videos for you if you ever want her to. :slight_smile: