Using Welsh to order drinks

Shw Mae pawb!

After a few months of letting my Welsh fall into disrepair I’ve finally got around to catching up with where I left off in November. I’m currently on lesson 13 of southern course 2 (I think I’ll decide after course 2 whether or not to go on to course 3 or level 1).

As part of my reinvigorated enthusiasm I made an effort to speak plenty of Welsh in Clwb Ifor Bach recently on a night out, and while I haven’t yet come across terms for ordering drinks etc in the course I ploughed on and used "plis ga i bedwar botel o whatever drink at the bar. In the circumstances it might not have just been my standard of welsh that inhibited mutual comprehension, but the guy behind the bar didn’t seem to know what I was on about, either this or he wasn’t sure why I was ordering in Welsh when I was evidently not first language.

So my question is really just whether or not this was correct, and more generally if “ga i” is the proper way to order food and drink?



I don’t see anything wrong with this, since this is how I normally order drinks as well at Y Mochyn Du, albeit I say plîs after the request. But then I’m also often met with the same look of confusion as well. I’ve put it down to being served by a non-Welsh speaker, or the fact that they’re not really used to Welsh speakers using Welsh for everyday things like ordering drinks (especially in Cardiff)!


From my experience, it might possibly be word stress or order as Gavin says. I had exactly the same thing happen to me when I first started using the language. I remember walking into lots of places and drawing a blank response when I opened my mouth: even I thought I’d said it perfectly. It seems funny now but, if I walk into a paper shop or pub subtle changes must have happened though osmosis and continual usage. If I say something as simple as - “Pnawn da, ga’i peint plis!” - generally I’m replied to in Gymraeg where previously it would be English as soon as I started speaking the hen iaith
It’s taken time but it gets easier.


Next step will be disbelief that you are not Cymro Cumraeg!!

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It will take ages for me to even come to Cymru, but using sentece you did seams so natural to me although I (when I have the chance to speak at all) in English I rearly use “May I”. It might be maybe because I’ve started learning with “Teach yourself Welsh” before comming here and the first thing you’re taught is usage of “gai” thingy. :slight_smile: So I’m obviously on right direction. :slight_smile:

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This is completely fine, so I can only imagine that it was too noisy for him to hear you properly, or that he wasn’t really paying attention (or possibly, as Kim says, that your intonation may need a little practice, but with you that far through Course 2, I’d be surprised if that was it).

If you see the same guy again, try and again, and if you still get a blank, ask him on the spot what the problem is :sunny:

You could try putting one of the wee ‘cymraeg’ badges on your coat

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Or try a slightly less subtle approach:-


I’ve had similar experiences, the best one in the Penhelig Arms (fairly sure) in Aberdyfi.
Shak: Reit, ga i beint o chwerw plis
Bardude: Sorry, I’m from Poland
Shak: oh, ok, pint of bitter, please
Bardude: Sorry, what is it you want

It’s my muttering problem again, now, once more from the disphragm😀


Thanks for the advice everyone! I’ll crack on with “ga i” when returning, I still got the beers so it can’t have been that bad…


Goal acheaved … :slight_smile:

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