Using the i-pad

I’m sure I;m just being a little twp here but I just can’t seem to drag the thingy backwards or forwards to change the place in the lesson when I’m using my i-pad - pc works great but it’as nice to be able to use the i-pad on the treadmill and as that keeps distracting me, being able to move backwards (on the lesson not the treadmill) would be arbennig o dda, diolch:)

I can only sympathise. I have the same problem. I have to put it on pause and then bounce up and down on the left arrow which results in jerky movement backwards! @aran @Kinetic @tatjana anyone? Any ideas?

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you’re making me a little better, I’ll give that a go in the absence of any more technical responses. Thanks very much, definitely not an old dragon :slight_smile:

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Tagging @lewie for that. Sorry @henddraig and @KateP, I’m not the expert for iTechy thingys. Maybe @jamesmahoney can somehow help too. :slight_smile:

Oh, Kate and warm welcome to the forum. I’ve seen you’ve just joined us on here. Nice to have you on board!

Tatjana :slight_smile:

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Are you using the app, or the browser?

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the browser, better if I just download the app?

thanks for the welcome:)

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Certainly give the app a shot. I’m playing with the scrub bar (aka “thingy”) on an iPad right now, and it seems pretty responsive. Of course, your mileage may differ if you’ve sweaty hands while exercising! But let me know how it goes.


ha, I swear it’s not a sweaty hand thing! And I knew there had to be a technical term for “thingy”, I can sound much fancier from now on and will see how it works with the app - diolch yn fawr iawn.


I use the app and, as I said, have the same problem! But I am an aged dragon and frequently have problems with the iPad! Oh, and I have never wanted to move fast forward, but I presume the right hand arrows would work when on pause, Also it’s my pleasure to meet another iPad sufferer/user :wink:

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yup, I admit the i-pad is a mixed blessing!

The good news is that the right and left arrows will work whether you are playing or paused.

So, if you missed something, because the room got noisy for a minute for example, you can hit the left arrow and it will jump back 15 seconds.


perffaith, will use that tactic as well:)

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@lewie can I pick your brains? Can you tell me how to alter the sound volume on my iPad?

You should be able to control it by tapping the speaker icon in the lower left-hand corner (when playing a lesson). That brings up a volume control. You should also be able to change volume using the buttons on the side of the iPad.


Oh dear.

  • My iPad doesn’t have any buttons.
  • It isn’t the level of sound on the lessons that is the problem but other things, @aran put on the chats with his three victims/grateful learners on the intense course and I could find no way to turn the sound up to audible levels, whereas on my laptop, there is an icon among those at the bottom of the screen, permanently visible, so that I can turn the sound level up and down to suit! I looked under Services and cannot find an overall sound level control!

If you’re holding it in portrait orientation so that the round Home button is at the bottom of the front face, feel with your hand along the right-hand side of the device.

Are there two thin buttons or switches a bit less than a centimetre long, or perhaps one longer one that’s about two centimetres long, near the top of the right-hand wide? Those would be your volume buttons, or one volume “rocker switch” where pressing the top or bottom will do different things.

Though I think I’ve heard that newer thinner models have done away with physical switches for volume, for the sake of thinness, so it’s possible that you have one of those.

What you could try is, while the iPad is on, swiping up from below the bottom of the screen and see whether you get a control panel that includes a volume slider you can operate with your finger.

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Good news - diolch found two buttons on my 2nd hand iPad. One showed lovely pick of sound setting. Not sure what the other does.
Bad news - seems to be turned full on! Will experiment a bit!
Tested, as far as I can see I have turned sound full on and still not very loud, if I have to Skype on here, I’ll just have to ask everyone to shout or sing! To @Pete2 that is a hint!

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I sang on Thursday…at which point @ramblingjohn and @tatjana left :wink:


No, you sang first and then we left after you said you have to leave …

Any new songs for the next time? I’m eagerly looking forward to that … :slight_smile:

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