Using the daily and weekly practices

Bore da, my name is Pat and I have completed the first 6 lessons of SSIW!! I am really enjoying the course and am looking forward to getting stuck into the daily and weekly practices… I of course (!!!) listened to Iestyn’s instructions of how to use them… But can I ask, is there an order to the daily practices? Do you do the same ones over and over until you reach course 2? Idol has!

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Hi Pat, welcome to the forum and to learning Welsh. Congratulations on completing the first 6 lessons!

The daily and weekly practices are refreshed regularly with new combinations of sentences, so while you will be practising similar material it will be coming at you in a different order and not allowing you to sink into complacency by knowing what is coming next :wink:

Have fun!


Hi Pat, welcome to the Forum. Hope you enjoyed the first six lessons!

I THINK I’m right in saying that these practices are refreshed on a weekly basis (Sundays, I think), so you will always be covering slightly different ground to before.

The idea is to download a particular day’s practices, and after you’ve listened to/spoken them, delete them and download the next day’s, and so on.

Pob lwc!. These practices are useful, and although the speaking ones can sometimes be a bit challenging at times, they are also enjoyable.


Shwmae Dee!
Very many thanks for your reply… I appreciate it!
I’ve had a go at both the listening and speaking… Challenging but great to see something is sticking!
Best regards and diolch yn fawr!

diolch Gavin!
Thanks for your help and yes… The speaking especially was tough but I got some right so I’m encouraged!