How do the weekly and daily listening and speaking practices work?

For the weekly and daily exercises, I saw an old screenshot in this message:

which matches something I had seen before. But the new layout of e.g. is rather different – there is no explanatory blurb and no link to the “Using the practices” track. (I’m doing the Northern course – not sure whether that’s relevant – perhaps it shows up correctly for Southerners?)

I’ve seen

which gives a summary of how they are intended to be used, I think.

Are these only for the older Courses?

Do the Levels have comparable daily and weekly listening and speaking exercises?

If so, where do I find them? Or will I come across them in due course when I continue the course?

Are the practices that are for the Courses also useful for someone doing the Levels? Or is the vocabulary and grammar taught not a good match (e.g. Course 1 has words that haven’t been taught in Level 1)?

Though even for those still doing the Courses, having a link to the “how to” on that page would probably still be a good idea. @Kinetic ?

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In the levels, there are listening practices every 5th challenge, starting with challenge 5 - so 5,10,15,25

Assuming that all listening practice is good, I’d say yes. The match is likely more the reverse of the order in your question, but there is not a 100% match between levels and courses. Consider it an extra challenge! :wink:


And 20. :wink:

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Just testing the maths skills on the forum here… :wink:

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The main difference (and one of the reasons I think it’s much better to go for the Levels than the Courses) is that the listening stuff for the Courses is pulled out of context - trying to keep it fresh all the time - and obviously only covers a tiny fraction of the content.

The listening exercises in the Levels, by contrast, include ALL the content you’ve covered in EACH session, and are worth listening to over and over (since they’re in a conversational flow) to help develop your ability to predict what will come next. They really are much, much more useful.

I’m hoping it’s not long now until we can start to tuck the Courses away and nudge everyone a bit more firmly towards the Levels… :slight_smile:


Thank you!

I shall look forward to my level listening courses then when they show up!

What’s a “session”, though? Is it an umbrella term for a “lesson” in the courses and a “challenge” in the levels?

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Ah, yes, with hindsight that wasn’t very clear - what I means was that each listening exercise in the Levels includes ALL the content that you have covered up to that point in the course - so the listening exercise after Challenge 25 includes ALL the content covered in the entire course… :slight_smile:

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