Use of bod

Bore da. Can anyone explain please? …
In Challenge 25, new course, 11m29s, " I think that Id better go now" seems to be " dw i’n meddwl bod well i mi fynd rwan" … why the use of bod for that? Thanks in advance. Im trying to take all the input at face value, as if learning a mother tongue, withoyt dissecting it too much, but this has me puzzked.

The bod is the ‘that’ - the word order in Welsh doesn’t exactly match the word order in English, so the Welsh is saying “I think that it’s better for me to go now”.


Thanks Siaron, is bod “to be”? Is that a different use of same word? Also same Challenge, 21m26s, “beth oedd e ti eisiau gwneud” … “what you wanted to do” … why the “e”, as its “you” , not “he”. Thanks

Yes, bod also means ‘to be’, but is also a way of saying ‘that’ (the 'that’s are infamously confusing!).

What you’re hearing in the second bit is “beth oeddet ti eisiau gwneud” - the oedd has conjugated into oeddet for the ti form, so there is no ‘e’.

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Thank you so much!

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If you bent the English about a bit, you might come up with “I think it to be better for me…”

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BTW Christine I corrected the typos in the title of this thread to help with future searches. I hope that’s OK.

Thank you!

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