Un Bore Mercher in the BBC Writers Room

You may or may not know that the BBC publishes some of its drama scripts in the BBC Writers Room. Why that may be of interest here is that one of the latest scripts to be published is the complete series of Un Bore Mercher in Welsh AND in English. Could be useful for anyone trying to improve their reading skills?



Wow! That is such a find! Da iawn ti!


Thank you SO much for posting this!!! :star:

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BRILLIANT!!! Thank you so much! I LOVE that series!

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Ardderchog - diolch yn fawr iawn!

Diolch yn fawr iawn. Diddorol iawn :blush:

So I started reading the script for episode one. It certainly helps that (a) the stage directions are in English and (b) i watched the series a few.months ago (in English) so I have an idea what’s going on in each scene. But I found.I could follow.the.gist of it quite easily without a dictionary or looking at the Eng!ish script. Then I went back and used a dictionary to decipher the bits I hadn’t quite understood.

It was fascinating. It’s in v colloquial Welsh, with (I think) often non standard spelling. But I found it i said.things aloud to.myself I’d suddenly go " oh, I get it! "

Feeling rather pleased with.myself that I could understand as much as I did. I’d say my reading comprehension is ahead of my listening comprehension, on that evidence.

I really, really hope S4C airs the Welsh version again so.I can test my ear on it too.