Tryweryn - Capel Celyn - 50 years after

In my lifetime certainly, but I wasn’t particularly aware of it at the time (being quite young, and not living in Wales). I think we were a bit more aware of Trawsfynydd, being “atomic” and more likely to catch our attention.


I posted in the thread about TV programs that ‘Tri Tryweryn’ is on S4C Clic and is about the three who made a little bang on the site!!!
p.s. I don’t recall anyone blowing up Trawsfynydd!!!

Almost missed this:

Rhaglen o Ganolfan Dŵr Gwyn Genedlaethol Y Bala bum deg mlynedd ers agor Llyn Celyn. Dylan presents from Bala’s National White Water Centre to mark 50 years of Llyn Celyn.

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